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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 30, 2014

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Types Of Security Breaches

August 13, 2013 |

It’s always important for businesses to store and secure huge amounts of information. Business owners should be very sensitive when strange or unusual security incidents happen in systems or network environments. If strange occurrences happen, a security breach is positive.

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Norton Anti-Virus: It’s Well-Known, But Is It Effective?

July 30, 2013 |

If you’ve even heard of a Windows PC, you’ve most likely heard of Norton Antivirus. Ever since viruses have been around, starting with the Stoned virus in the early 1990′s, Norton has produced anti-virus protection and cleaning tools. It was … Read More

Protecting Your Business And Its Data

June 21, 2013 |

As a business grows and develops so does the risk of security breaches. Not all security breaches are malicious, as many are caused accidentally though human error. As you employ more workers, install new hardware and begin using new devices … Read More

6 Ways To Keep Your Private Details Out Of The Wrong Hands

May 27, 2013 |

Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was perfect and you didn’t need to worry about anything? That isn’t going to happen in your lifetime and it means you need to be extra vigilant. The trouble begins when you don’t … Read More

The Best Ways To Make Your Business More Secure

May 24, 2013 |

What would happen to your business if an intruder were to gain access to your office buildings in the middle of the night? What would they be able to find about your company? How secure is your business? Finding out … Read More

Critical Steps To Protect Your WIFI Connection

May 23, 2013 |

It is critical for everyone to protect their data and privacy on internet. The risk gets doubled when you are using a WIFI connection to connect to the internet, as then, not only outsiders, but people close by … Read More

Teach Your Employees Technology Security

May 15, 2013 |

All your employees who use a PC, laptop and mobile devices are vulnerable to technology security attacks but they can also help you safeguard your company’s data integrity. You may have all the latest security programs, firewalls, antivirus, etc. but … Read More

Four Ways To Avoid A System Meltdown

April 30, 2013 | | One Comment

Many businesses rely heavily on the technology of computers to be able to function and carry out everyday tasks. Unfortunately from time to time technology does fail us leaving us unable to work, wasting time and leaving us behind and … Read More

What Are You Protecting Your Computer From?

April 26, 2013 |

When you buy anti-virus software, do you actually know what you are protecting your computer from? Do you know your bots from your bootsector viruses? I have broken down the different types of malware and viruses, so you know why … Read More

3 Ways Online Filters Can Help Parents Keep Their Children Safe

April 7, 2013 |

More often than not, kids use the internet for three main reasons, namely to do some research on their school projects, to chat with their friends and to play games. However, not all children use the internet in a productive … Read More

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