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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 21, 2014

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How Shifting To A Cloud-Based Licensing Model Can Ease Asset Management

January 2, 2014 |

Businesses are required to maintain licenses for each software installation. For organizations with multiple employees, this can often be a daunting task, especially since installations are done by one group while purchasing and budgeting are done by another. Since businesses … Read More

Cloud Computing: Technology Rising To The Sky

December 16, 2013 |

Freedom, speed and security–three things that companies currently expect from cloud computing services. But how are cloud services addressing the optimal implementation of these expectations within the rapidly changing IT industry? And what do industry experts predict will shake up … Read More

The Key Errors Businesses Make When Planning A Cloud Migration

December 12, 2013 |

Cloud migration can be an invaluable tool in terms of reducing company IT budgets. However, the initial migration can be a complicated process, in which mistakes are often made. These are some of the key errors that companies make when … Read More

5 Things You Need To Consider Before Switching To The Cloud

November 5, 2013 |

What Is The Cloud?

These days it seems everyone is talking about the cloud. Although a universally agreeable definition appears as fuzzy and nebulous as the technology’s meteorological namesake, most understand it to mean distributed computing – applications and … Read More

Cloud Hosting Vs. Dedicated Hosting

September 16, 2013 |

Cloud hosting is in great demand these days. Granted, there are a few hiccups here and there. This is to be expected because it is a relatively new technology. Most experts agree that the migration has something to do with … Read More

4 Most Common Cloud Hosting Myths Busted

September 4, 2013 |

In recent years, Cloud Hosting has become the hottest topic among IT professionals, business owners and the tech-savvy people. When we hear the word ‘cloud’, the first thing that comes to mind is the internet. But it doesn’t stop there. … Read More

5 Important Ways Cloud Network Implementation Will Transform Your Business

August 22, 2013 |

The cloud has been cited as both a saving grace and a menace due to its new security considerations, but the fact is that cloud computing will definitely transform the technical side of your business. For example, you won’t have … Read More

Enable Application Agility With Cloud Infrastructure

August 22, 2013 |

In an ever-changing business environment, business agility is quickly becoming a vital feature for survival. Agility describes the capacity of the business to quickly adapt to new environments and technology using cost-effective means. Businesses who successfully harness this capacity find … Read More

3 Essential Technologies For Business

August 13, 2013 |

Running a business in the twenty-first century means not only keeping up to speed with the economy and competitors -  but also making the best use of technology to do so.  Read on to find out which are the three … Read More

Store Your Data In The Cloud For Security And Flexibility

May 6, 2013 |

If you’ve taken any notice of the IT scene over the last few years then you’ll know that the cloud has become the latest buzz phrase when it comes to storing your data. So what is cloud storage and how … Read More

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