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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 25, 2014

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Why Every Manager Should Have a Great Relationship with the IT Department

January 27, 2014 |

In recent years, technology has steadily infiltrated society and the workspace to the point where we quite literally cannot function without it. Nowadays, even the tiniest corner shops and obscure restaurants have their own web pages, social media presence and … Read More

Ultrabooks In 2014: Which To Buy?

January 21, 2014 |

2013 was a great year for tech-savvy consumers, and the computer industry generally, as Ultrabook offerings from numerous major companies set new standards in computing performance. From gaming computers to all-in-one office workhorses, the variety of add-on gadgets, synchronicity, processing … Read More

Product Review – The 2013 Macbook Air 11″ Laptop

September 10, 2013 | | One Comment


Thin enough to fit in a large envelope, light enough to post in the mail. The advertising campaign that signaled the beginning of the era of the new MacBook several years ago highlighted the two features that have come … Read More

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