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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 21, 2014

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4 Reasons Your Business Needs Server Virtualization

4 Reasons Your Business Needs Server Virtualization

Server virtualization has been available and operating successfully for over ten years. Issues that exist such as storage and I/O bottlenecks can still rear their heads. Although all users should consider that, the multi-faceted advantages that the technology can potentially offer are attainable for any small business.

When you run a small or even medium sized business, server virtualization guarantees that your business will save substantial sums of money while improving IT efficiency. In order to assist your business in the assurance that you are fully aware and comprehensive of the advantages that a virtualized server can provide, here is a short list of the absolute most beneficial aspects to server visualization that is offered to small and medium sized businesses.

1. Increasing Server Efficiency

When you are already in doubt of what you know, the most common and compelling reasoning for the implementation of server side virtualization is to potentially create significantly more efficient usage of computing resources. This is directly regarding processor cycles along with RAM. When you go beyond the savings in energy and cooling costs that are offered with this service, your business can effectively possess the opportunity to cut capital expenses such as fewer physical servers. These physical services would usually be purchased in order to replace or remodel numerous machines that are out of date and/or decommissioned.

2.  Increasing Business Continuity

The art of business continuity is substantially different from disaster recovery in which the particular goal that is being attempted for achievement is the minimum amount of interruption to business operations. Being that the majority of common sources of failure in the data center are likely to be involved in failure of server hardware. This is the point in which a server virtualization feature which is called the lived migration. The feature helps in the preservation of business continuity through the elimination for the requirements of downtime.

3. Assisting Software Development

For companies that have software development work to complete, virtualization can supply your small businesses the chance to lower costs by efficiently minimizing or eliminating the requirements for the need to hand out cash for more software. Medium sized businesses benefit as well. Development teams set out to save time by not requiring the process of lengthy endurance in which professionals must requisitioning new servers.

4. Transitioning to Desktop Virtualization

Increasingly, the most popular aspect of server virtualization entails running the entire desktop environment within a centralized server. There is a lot of information on the web to explain current technology relating to this process. One good blog for this is The Virtualization Practice.

When it comes to all processing that is done within a server, client devices are generally thin clients that serve as a means to an end node in order to connect I/O peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, display, audio connectors or even USB ports over the LAN.

Though there are numerous similarities between both the client and the server virtualization when it comes to the terms of the most basic infrastructure that is required, businesses should always remember not to mistakenly mix the two. These are differing objectives and technical considerations in which the term “virtual desktop infrastructure” is utilized in the description of hardware and software components.

This post was contributed by Charles Davis, an advocate for the Tech Server Alliance ( Charles speaks regularly to groups all over the world about the importance of virtualization security and contributes various posts on topics that help businesses increase efficiency with their technology.

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