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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 24, 2014

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Terminal Emulation Options On Windows/Linux And Ios

Terminal Emulation Options On Windows/Linux And Ios

Personal preference has a lot to play in the choice of a terminal emulator, but there are powerful ones you can check out. For those using iOS or Linux, there are a number of terminal emulators worth considering.

Feature-Filled Terminator

The Terminator is ideal for the Linux platform and is free to use and download. It comes with a number of features, especially the CLI (command line interface), which is fully functional and great for Linux. It can arrange the terminals in the form of a grid while opening more than one session in different tabs. Reordering and dragging of terminals is also possible and keyboard shortcuts are also configurable. Within the preferences of the terminator the user can save lots of profiles and layouts while the visual style is customizable. The terminal emulation also enables concurrent typing to random terminal groups.

In case you will be working constantly with the terminal, the Terminator makes everything much easier through the addition of tabs, arrangement of grids in terminals and configuring lots of keyboard shortcuts and many other features. However, the Terminator is not lightweight.

Turbosoft’s iOS Terminal Emulator

It is obvious that terminal emulators must be made to cater for the needs of an education, government or business audience since most of the users are usually linked to a company or organization capable of maintaining customers and host systems. This is why Turbosoft have expanded their terminal emulation solutions to Apple gadgets. Their iPhone and iPad terminal emulator apps are said to provide enterprise grade results while focusing on better terminal coverage and better data security.

Free Windows Terminal Programs

You might have realized that most of the inbuilt command programs for Windows are not actually the best on their own. They are improved through third-party terminal emulation solutions such as the free Console.  Apart from being customizable, Console comes with a full-functional CLI capable of running any kind of already available shell such as PuTTY, Cygwin and PowerShell in Windows. Through any of these shells you can open as many tabs as necessary, use the different window styles, configure transparency, colors and fonts as well as making the most of customizable hotkeys to open new tabs, scroll and even switch between tabs. In short, Console terminal emulation excels in the fact that it is easy and simple to use while being one of the most configurable. Superior terminal users might not find satisfaction in the Console due to its simplicity.

Volume Terminal Emulation Deployment

Today, through different programs it is possible to deliver B2B applications in a whole new way to an end user who can then manage the tools and deploy them in one volume to other users or workforce. This also means that customizable terminal emulator apps can be modified to come up with tailored apps unique to your terminal emulation requirements and working environment.

As you look for the right terminal emulation for your iOS, Linux or Windows framework, you might want to ask yourself whether one emulation or a couple will do, whether you would like the terminal emulator app to connect automatically to predefined hosts or just one and if you would like to customize user interface elements and graphics, perhaps showing the branding of your company. That way, you will get the terminal emulation solution you are looking for.

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