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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 1, 2014

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The Key Errors Businesses Make When Planning A Cloud Migration

The Key Errors Businesses Make When Planning A Cloud Migration

Cloud migration can be an invaluable tool in terms of reducing company IT budgets. However, the initial migration can be a complicated process, in which mistakes are often made. These are some of the key errors that companies make when trying to manage the migration.

Poor planning

There’s absolutely no excuse for poor planning, especially with something as substantial as a server migration.  It’s vital for the company to fully plan out the entire project delivery life-cycle.  Who is involved in the migration, what is expected to be delivered, and when will it be delivered by are all factors that need to be considered. The company also needs to establish timescales for the whole process and identify which tasks need to be completed at any given stage.

Not defining the requirements

It’s important for a company to clearly define exactly what they expect to gain from the cloud migration process, and what the businesses’ specific needs are. Cloud migration projects can often fail simply because communication between the service provider and the company making the order hasn’t been strong enough. The provider should be completely aware of the service being provided, which applications are involved in it and how the business utilizes them. This way, they will be able to prioritize different parts of the process in the most suitable way.

Not asking the tough questions

It’s important to ensure that the company responsible for providing the cloud service is credible and has the experience necessary to complete the task. One sure-fire way of establishing this is to ask the provider about appropriate industry standards and regulations within the sector. It’s also worth asking about any of the following factors: how the data is handled, stored and protected, what data security and disaster recovery processes are in place, how they are planning to handle the migration on a specific level and who will the company data be made available to as part of the process. It’s also worth asking if the service provider feels they’ll be able to adapt to the changing needs of the company, and if they currently have any alert system in place to warn them of potential security breaches.

Not using a full contract

It’s a very, very good idea to request an official service contract from any firm that is to provide you with a service as important as cloud migration. It’s important to clearly define exactly what the provider will guarantee as part of their service, and exactly what the company will be paying for.  This way, any disputes can be resolved quickly. It’s important to also look for standard contract factors, such as whether the company is covered for disaster recovery, contract or security breaches, and if backup is automatically included as part of the service.

No testing

With such a substantial task as cloud migration, it’s strange that so many companies will still not conduct sufficient testing of the migration both before and after to ensure that any issues can be ironed out and that success can be confirmed when the migration is concluded.

Not taking into account existing network capability

It’s important to remember that the current network a company has in place will be the one that is expected to deal with the new cloud system.  This makes it vital to carry out bandwidth tests to ensure that the network will be able to cope with the additional demands that come with running both cloud applications and services.

In conclusion

Probably the most crucial aspect to take away from this is the importance of planning. It’s vital to ensure that each and every potential scenario is catered for and all problems are subjected to troubleshooting as early as possible.

Damian Coates is a senior IT consultant and cloud hosting specialist. He and his company Utilize London offer a range of cloud migration services for businesses looking to improve their data management applications.

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