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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 30, 2014

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3 Tips For End Of Year Computer Cleanup

3 Tips For End Of Year Computer Cleanup

When a computer starts to perform poorly and is slower than normal, many people will think it is the right time to buy a new computer. Does it load your files and programs slowly, or does it take long to boot? If so, then you certainly need a computer cleanup. This is because even if you are extremely careful with the way you use your machine, over time it will start to accumulate unwanted registry entries and clutters, as well as debris. This will be the right time for you to do computer cleanup. The following are great computer clean up tips. They are simple, practical and easy to follow.

Defragment Your Computer Hard Drive

Fragmentation is how the files in your computer get disorganized. This will impact negatively on the way your computer lays data sequentially. Defragmentation is one of the best processes to deal with such issues. If your computer is running on Windows, just click on My Computer, then you go straight to Properties and finally the Tools tab. From the tab, select Defragment and then you run the program. The best part is that you can set it up so that your machine defragments itself automatically after a pre-set period.

Create Some More Space in Your Computer Hard Drive

Creating more space in your hard drive will boost the way your machine performs in overall. Getting rid of unnecessary files is one of the first and simple steps if you want to free up your computer storage. This simple step will enhance the overall performance of your computer. Secondly, if your computer starts to slow down, uninstalling those programs that are rarely used will be the best thing. Additionally, ensure you empty your Recycle Bin after you have deleted the files; they are still on your hard drive and will still take up space.

Get More Random Access Momory (RAM) for Your Computer

RAM is the computer memory; it is basically where the computer stores temporary information. If you have insufficient RAM, the machine will use the hard disk to store those intermediate results. This will slow down the overall performance of your machine. The computer will start to slow down and appear busy. Get more RAM and you will be surprised at just how your computer will perform. However, before you get into any computer store for a new RAM, ensure you have an idea of exactly what type of RAM your computer needs. All in all, it is highly advisable you go to a computer repair shop to do this; they will advise you accordingly. Moreover, they will ensure you get the right piece of RAM for your machine.

Ideally, cleaning up your computer to boost its performance must be all round. Get rid of those unwanted files to create more space, use a 2014 antivirus software to remove viruses and malwares that are slowing down your computer. Reformatting your computer and doing fresh installation of your operating system can also make your machines much better. The above steps will help you clean up your computer and restore its performance to what it once was.

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