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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 30, 2014

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Why Is Mobile Antivirus So Popular For 2013?

Why Is Mobile Antivirus So Popular For 2013?

It may have taken some time, but users of mobile phones, which may surpass PCs by the end of the decade as the most popular way of surfing the Net, are finally coming to realize that their devices are just as vulnerable to threats that come from online as are all devices that have Internet access. Too many people have learned this the hard way, and many will continue to do so. In addition to those with which users of PCs are familiar, such as viruses and Trojan horses, there are those that target smartphones specifically and create problems that are unique to them: For instance, someone could gain access to your phone, make calls with it and rack up a huge bill for them. The user’s identity and sensitive information such as credit card numbers may be stolen. An attacker can even deprive the user of the service!

Popularity of mobile phones

The number one reason why mobile antivirus software has grown to be so popular in the past three years is really because mobile phones themselves are so popular. It is not at all hard to see why. A smartphone is small enough to be carried around in the pocket, yet it contains the whole entire World Wide Web! If that were not enough, countless apps can be downloaded and used for just about every conceivable purpose under the sun, from keeping track of one’s weight to planning business meetings and other activities to learning about the major attractions while touring in a place where one has never been before. Obviously if one wants to have all the things that a mobile phone has to offer, one needs to be willing to undertake the not-so-exciting tasks that come with it, and anti-virus software can streamline these tasks.

Antivirus software can do so much more!

A great many solutions are out there for protecting mobile phones against viruses, but for very few of them is that the sole purpose. The majority of them can protect phones against other threats, including Trojan horses, spyware, malware and spam. They can block malicious code on websites and scan new apps to make sure that they are safe to install. They have a host of other interesting and valuable features too, among them:

  • remote lock: This capability can be used in case an unauthorized person gets hold of the phone and makes an attempt to use it; it cuts off all access to what is on the phone until a password is entered.
  • remote wipe: You can also wipe out all of the data stored on the phone so that no one can access it anymore.
  • SIM card lock: Likewise, you can remotely wipe your SIM card to prevent unauthorized use thereof.
  • phone tracking: All is not lost, even if your phone is. You can go online and find the device by using the GPS tracker located thereon.
  • device scream: Fairytale becomes reality as the giant’s harp in the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk that cried “Master! Master!” when somebody tried to steal it gives way to the smartphone that can be programmed to make a loud alarm, either through text commands or from the owner’s online management account whenever it gets lost.

The most popular mobile antivirus programs for 2013

McAfee, Norton, Avast and other companies that have over a decade of experience producing antivirus software for conventional computers have taken to creating stuff that serves the same function for the mobile phone, all of which has at least some of the features described in the previous section. Another program, one which is especially popular among Android users all over the world, is Lookout, which not only guards against theft and loss but also makes the claim to be energy efficient. It scans files weekly and continually monitors them. Then there is Comodo, which offers “the best of its kind mobile security” to all users of Android phones, including advanced options for privacy protection.

Not all security software will work with all lines of smartphones; some are for Android devices only.

Sarah Hendricks who is a security expert on protecting users and businesses from hackers and data leakage with quality mobile antivirus software. Users in the office, at home, or working remotely are all subject to attack, click here to learn where to find mobile security applications.

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