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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 22, 2014

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5 Perks Of Virtual Private Servers

5 Perks Of Virtual Private Servers

When compared with traditional web hosting technology, virtual private servers offer a number of benefits that can make them a better choice in some cases. VPS is a way to have your own customizable space rather than sharing everything as you would with other kinds of hosting.

Certain companies can take advantage of and might prefer virtual private servers such as those that deal with resource heavy applications and secured data. If you are expanding beyond the level of shared web hosting or need to handle higher traffic then virtual private servers could be a good option to use. These are some of the main benefits of VPS as a solution.

1. Stable and Reliable

With shared hosting, servers can become overworked as hundreds of thousands of websites are using the same server. This causes traffic problems and website crashes making it inefficient at times.

For companies that expect a lot of traffic, virtual private servers can offer more reliable services because you are not sharing your space with hundreds of other sites. VPS is more stable than shared hosting and keeps your site running more effectively without any disruptions or issues with heavy traffic.

2. More Control of Your Server

One of the most attractive perks for many companies interested in VPS is the opportunity for increase control. With virtual private servers, if you develop or buy custom software for your site then you can install it with your host providing support.

Shared hosting companies often don’t offer support for customers so VPS offers advantages for those looking to install customizable software. Since you own the server with a VPS hosting service, you can configure anything you want on it and customize it according to your business needs for optimial performance.

3. Scalability and Backup

Using virtual private servers is a more scalable option than shared hosting which does not always offer scalability. You can upgrade or downgrade instantly based on what you need at any given time without any disruption to your hosted sites. You can also easily create backups for disaster recovery as the options for VPS backups continue to increase.

4. Increased Security

Because you are leasing a VPS from the host providers they typically have their own firewalls in place for servers as well as physical security to keep your data secure and safe from hackers. VPS can be a safer option than shared hosting which can put other websites in danger if an attack happens. A virtual private server is segregated and would not be affected by another website’s attacks.

5. Cost-Effective Option

Even though shared hosting tends to be very low cost, VPS can be an equally cost-effective option with many more advantages. You can have a more reliable and secure service while still paying a low monthly cost as you would with other types of hosting. The cost of VPS hosting has even gotten less expensive in the past few years making it easier to enjoy the perks without having to pay extra.

Leo Hart is a cloud computing expert who specializes in data center colocation for Custom Cloud.

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