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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 25, 2014

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Top 5 Antivirus Apps For iPhone

Top 5 Antivirus Apps For iPhone

Using your iPhone to browse the Internet can be as risky as using a personal computer. Each time you access the Internet you expose your mobile phone to all types of malware, starting from the annoying adware and finishing with insidious worms and spyware. Luckily, reputable antivirus companies have now started offering suites designed exclusively for the iPhones. Some of these I’m going to list and describe in this post.

Avast! SecureLine VPN by AVAST Software

Avast is an award-winning application that allows you to secure your iPhone/iPad Internet connection by using a virtual encryption ‘tunnel’. This ‘tunnel’ prevent hackers from stealing your personal information from unsafe public Wi-Fi networks. Furthermore, Avast! helps you enjoy a better browsing experience as it blocks pop-ups and other ad extensions using its special advertisement filters. There’s also a phishing filter protecting you from online scams. Avast! SecureLine will cost you $2.99 (if billed monthly) or $29.99 (if billed annually). There’s also a seven-day free trial. The app can be installed on up to five devices.

Norton Identity Safe – Secure password manager by Symantec

This is an excellent tool for hardcore Internet users. Got tired of entering usernames and passwords using tiny keyboards? Norton Identity Safe will be a godsend for you :). It allows you to log in to your favorite websites and also manage all your credentials with ultimate ease and safety. You may also view your credentials to copy and paste them easily if needed. As a bonus, this iPhone app tells you if a website you’re going to visit is safe. The app is free.

Lookout – Backup, Security, Find Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch by Lookout, Inc.

Lookout is a great choice for those looking for an ‘all-in-one’ antivirus application, as it encompasses the most important security options for your iPhone. Lookout can be used for device tracking (it is capable of locating your iOS device from anyplace with an Internet access). What’s more, it even automatically saves your phone’s location before it runs out of battery. Other features include contacts back-up + restoring contacts to a new phone. Jus log into from any device to see your lost/stolen device on a map or re-write your custom ‘Lost’ message (it will be displayed on the device’s screen helping you get your phone back faster).

McAfee Security Vision by McAfee, Inc.

Not only does this application protect your iOS device from different types of malware, but it also keeps you updated on the latest news in the sphere of web security. Using this app you can view McAfee’s latest blog entries, podcasts and reports. Besides, you can directly contact their friendly, professional support Team.

VirusBarrier by Intego

This incredibly easy-to-use app detects and removes malware before it can harm your iOS device. VirusBarrier offers both on-demand scanning and scheduled checks, maintains a log of the scans and even includes integrated file reader to automatically open your files after scanning. Remember to check customer testimonials and rating before purchasing any application.

Sergey Gor is the owner of, a website that is fully dedicated to reviewing and comparing mobile and multi-device security software. Visit this website to find expert reviews and helpful tips on improving your computer security.

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