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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 29, 2014

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The Importance Of Internet Security

The Importance Of Internet Security

Computers, laptops and smart phones have all become an extension of ourselves and our everyday lives; we are placing more trust in these different devices more than ever before. As we enter secure information about ourselves into these devices, it is essential that we have the best internet security – this way we can be assured that our identities, documents and passwords are not stolen or compromised.

The internet is now a hotspot for a selection of fraudulent activities from identity thieves to people who hack computers and steal private passwords, documents and files. As more people now rely on the internet for creating, adapting and storing confidential files, we are seeing an increase in internet crimes.

What do you need protecting from?

Internet Threats

Each time your computer connects to the internet or a network, you are placing yourself and the files on your computer at risk. Computer hackers can easily gain access to the files saved on your computer, previous passwords entered into websites and even your identity.

The most common device to be hacked is a computer or laptop; however this is now spreading to smart phones. More people are now turning to their smart phones to complete activities that once done on the computer. Hackers are becoming aware of this change and now look to illegally access peoples smart phones for obtain information.

Malicious Software

There are two main categories of malicious software, the more common being programs that are designed to spy on computer devices. The software will collect personal data which is then used to send spam to your mailbox. The spyware is also used to collect confidential passwords to access your secure networks.

The second category of malicious software is in the form of viruses, bots and Trojans – the point of them being to cause destruction to your computer/smart phone. When your computer device has been taken over by this form of malicious software your computer may begin acting strangely, switching from internet pages,  opening software when no command have been entered and switching off regularly are all signs of this type of malicious software.

If your computer has been attacked by malicious software, there is little you can do as it may be difficult to gain full control of the computer. Trojans and viruses may block your access to the computer, meaning you will not be able to remove the malicious software. Computer experts and technicians may be able to successfully remove the virus – however it is not always possible.

Security Measures

The safest method to protect yourself from identity theft, internet crime and malicious software is from installing good internet security software. There are many well-branded internet security software’s available for personal and business use. The most well-known internet security software being Norton Antivirus and Mcafee. It is essential to complete regular scans on your computer to ensure that there are no approaching viruses or risks attacking your computer.

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Keep your internet security software updated – if you are unable to purchase internet security immediately it is advised to use a free trial that is available from the well-know security software brands.

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