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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 29, 2014

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How Microsoft Certification Can Benefit An Individual

How Microsoft Certification Can Benefit An Individual

If you don’t know the details of Microsoft Certification, you probably don’t understand why it’s necessary. You’re probably familiar with the likes of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook and assume that you wouldn’t require training. However, Microsoft Certification does not simply educate you on the basics of how to use Word, Excel and Outlook, it trains you on how to use the features and functions that many people are unfamiliar with.

Improving your Microsoft knowledge

If you think about it, how many of the Word and Excel functions do you really use on a day to day basis? Chances are, you know how to type a letter, change the font size, change the font colour and maybe create a table in Microsoft Word. When it comes to Microsoft Excel, you probably use it to save data and know how to sort your information into a neat table, but don’t know all of the formulas that you can use.

When you complete a Microsoft Certification, you will enhance your understanding of the Microsoft programs. It is likely that you will come to discover just how basic your previous knowledge actually was. With certification, you will have a decent grounding in IT skills which not only helps you in your future career, it also proves to potential employers that you have proven your knowledge with a widely recognized qualification. Each certification is reviewed by experts in the field and employers will recognize what you have achieved.

Greater career prospects

When you come to look for a new job, employers will recognize the level at which you’re at. It proves that you have great technical knowledge that is extremely valuable to many businesses. You will find that your worth as an employee is improved by your qualification. If you are already in a job, your employer may feel that your skills can be utilized in new job roles and if you are not currently in employment, you will find that your qualification helps you to stand out amongst the crowd.

Adhering to expectations

In some workplaces, having a Microsoft Certification is not a benefit of employing you, it is an expectation. New technologies are constantly being introduced and at times, employers require their staff to be up to date with the relevant programs so the software can be used to its full potential.

When seeking a job, you may find that certification is required in order to get the job. Many modern employers don’t have the time or resources to train new staff in skills, when they could simply opt to employ a candidate that already has those skills. Not only does certification prove your capabilities, it also eliminates the odds that you will be ruled out in favor of a candidate that does have certification.

Complete flexibility

Microsoft Certification is available to learn independently online so you can easily fit it into your current schedule without having to make sacrifices. It is also available on a number of different levels, beginning with the basics and going up to an advanced level, making training suitable for everyone, no matter what your ability may be.

Olivia lazenby is a careers and business blogger. She recommends people visit when looking to develop their office skills. 

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