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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 21, 2014

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Types Of Security Breaches

Types Of Security Breaches

It’s always important for businesses to store and secure huge amounts of information. Business owners should be very sensitive when strange or unusual security incidents happen in systems or network environments. If strange occurrences happen, a security breach is positive.

Security breach warning signs include alteration or changes in data, presence of new user accounts, new software, files or devices within the system, failure to log in after multiple attempts and faulty anti-virus accounts. If business owners detect any of these unusual incidences, they should take action immediately.

Be familiar with security breaches and let your business thrive in the long run.Here are three types:

Electronic Security Breach

Electronic security breach happens when infiltrators gain access to a company’s data. This may occur when certain organizations don’t have secure passwords in their system. The culprit may take advantage of any weakness in the organization’s system. One weakness would be insufficient firewall protection. If so, company owners should do consistent security updates to ensure that their system is well-guarded.

It is also paramount for businesses to identify the staff that will be responsible in storing, securing and having access to specific data. Otherwise, damages may happen that include loss of revenue, conflict with suppliers or business partners and a damaged reputation.

Physical Breach

Another form of security breach is the physical security breach. The culprit may take away physical data such as files or any portable devices that store important information. Culprits may obtain laptops, computers or flash disks that might contain sensitive files. Thus, business owners should instruct employees to safely store and secure portable devices before they leave them unattended. Also, they should advise them not to abandon such devices in the house, in the car or in any place where people can visibly see them. There has to be encrypted and strict physical security.

Skimming or Data Capture Security Breach

Data capture security breach is a process in which the culprit captures and stores data on a magnetic card stripe such as a credit card. With this, the culprit produces counterfeit credit or debit cards. Culprits may use a device attached to automated machines or card readers to scan information. This is a common practice in automated machines located in public areas. Thus, it’s important to observe automated machines for scanning devices or monitor any evidence of tampering before using them.

Security breach has been a big problem over the years.  Business owners should take extra precaution with stored information as this can seriously affect the entire business. To help merchants cope with such problem, they should approach affected customers, notify them about certain damages and determine what type of information has been released. Also, they should recognize who are the trusted authorities to approach when such incidence happen.

At SNP Security, they offer security services that will help you safeguard your business. They have assisted thousands of clients for over ninety years. With security management, SNP Security aids organizations in maximizing security and thus helps them succeed in the long run.

By Debra Wright

Debra Wright is a marketing specialist with a penchant for writing about a myriad of topics, including security services. When she isn’t typing away on her computer, she is often curled up in a corner reading books or articles on corporate security. Follow her on twitter @debrawrites

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