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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 22, 2014

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Importance Of The Windows Start Button May Be Exaggerated

Importance Of The Windows Start Button May Be Exaggerated

The loss of the Start button and not booting directly to the desktop seem to have stirred up quite a controversy. However, reports indicate that the importance of the Start button as well as booting to the desktop may be exaggerated. Either way, we’ll find out when everyone can upgrade to the new/old Start button on October 17th.

The Real Problem-Too Much Change

The real problem all along wasn’t really the Start button. No, was the fact that Windows 8 may have been too much of a change for some people. After all, when navigating it seemed to be nothing like Windows 7 at all to anyone who’s tried it. By the way, it probably didn’t help much that people were barely getting used to Windows 7 when the newer OS was released.

Real stories of real users revealed how overwhelming Windows 8 was for them but they adjusted sooner or later. Take for example one man who bought a Windows 8 tablet PC for his mom. It may have seemed like too much for her at first, but then she began doing her banking, sending emails, and eventually just about everything she did before. People still need time to get used to it is all.

Still, it seemed as though Microsoft made the mistake of not giving over 100 million users and counting more time. People always expected the desktop to show up first, not the Start screen. Therefore, Microsoft found a way to address these issues in hopes that the transition from Windows XP or 7 will be much easier.

Even If The Start Button Does Return

It will never be quite the same. After all, users will still be taken to a Start screen versus the original Start menu. However, users may finally realize how much easier Win8 is. They also may begin to love how they can set up their Windows 8 screens in a way that’s right for them.

Besides, just like on their smartphones or tablets, they can arrange the apps (icons) how they want. That way, they can very quickly access the weather, Skype, email, search, music, video, or whatever they need. People just have to mostly get used to where everything is and they should be just fine.

Advantages Of Windows 8

Even if the Start button were to never return, many supporters of this six-month-old operating system can’t complain. They can start and shut down their machines faster than before. They also seem to be able to navigate the Internet and complete user tasks much easier. The overall performance of their new computers is all because of this new OS.

Concerning browsing on a Windows 8 computer, the Internet Explorer 10 seems to be a great companion for people who own a touchscreen PC with this new OS. People can pin sites they frequently visit onto it. The Google Chrome also allows this, and more than likely all major browsers will follow suit.

Aside from web browsing and regular task completion, Windows 8 can also help people adjust to Cloud computing. This new way of operating was designed to help PC users take advantage of The Cloud while they use all kinds of apps and send off their files for collaboration and storage.

By Erin Walsh

Guest Author: Erin Walsh loves to blog about anything to do with technology. Thankfully, her “real” job is something that she loves to do, blog about technology. Erin’s blog at PC Health Boost is centered around helping everday computer users solve common computer errors with solutions that anyone can troubleshoot. She offers all of her advice whether you use her pc utility software or not. Hop on over and find out how to speed up you pc, avoid screen freezes, fix dll errors, and troubleshoot windows update errors.

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