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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 20, 2014

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Enable Application Agility With Cloud Infrastructure

Enable Application Agility With Cloud Infrastructure

In an ever-changing business environment, business agility is quickly becoming a vital feature for survival. Agility describes the capacity of the business to quickly adapt to new environments and technology using cost-effective means. Businesses who successfully harness this capacity find themselves in a position for long-range revenue gains and an enhanced capacity to navigate and negate threats to the livelihood of the business. CIOs and others in position of authority within the company who have the foresight to strive for this quality find that cloud computing often makes an enormous difference in application and business agility. Here is some background to help business leaders understand why cloud computing can be such an effective game changer.

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Recognizing the Potential of the Cloud and Application Agility

According to a survey recently conducted by VMware of businesses with 5,000 or more employees worldwide, 80 percent recognized that business agility is closely tied to corporate success and revenue. As companies are taking notice of the importance of agility for their bottom line and overall success, a number of them are beginning to notice the close connection between IT agility and overall business agility. Companies with IT departments or services that are able to quickly adapt to changing technologies and implement new software and systems are the ones that are noticing the most success. Of the companies surveyed by VMware who had already implemented cloud based systems, 72 percent noted that the cloud based applications played a critical role in enhancing IT agility. Nearly half of respondents on the CDW 2011 Cloud Computing Poll said that using the cloud allowed them to consolidate their IT infrastructure. Nearly half also said that the cloud improved their ‘anywhere’ access for employees, both of which benefit agility.

Businesses of all sizes are continually looking to balance the cost of new innovations with the potential benefits. SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS applications all offer companies the opportunity to use and pay only for what they need, which helps to minimize the risk and the cost. Companies that have deployed cloud based applications throughout all departments have noticed a much greater capacity to improve their business agility over their competition and therefore experience faster revenue growth. It should be noted that the federal government has publicly saved $5.5 billion per year by moving towards cloud based services. The data center consolidation and cloud computing were two of the principal factors in these savings. A survey conducted AFCOM reported that cloud users reported a savings estimate of 21 percent on applications moved to the cloud, and an estimated 84 percent of current cloud users save on applications they moved to the cloud.

Successfully Implementing the Cloud with Application Agility

For the successful implementation of the cloud, companies cannot blindly implement various applications. They must strategically select which ones will benefit their company in particular. The life cycle of the application must reflect the business’s dedication towards agility. Companies must consider that if they could predict problems that would need to be addressed, there would be no need for agility. Agility is the capacity to adjust to the unknown, and quickly. The cloud must therefore provide the infrastructure to allows for sudden changes. The capacity to quickly expand when needed, and then reduce at other times, and only pay for what has been used is critical. There must also be consideration to shorten the time frame between when a request is made for a particular resource and when the application can deliver. The cloud does nothing if it becomes simply another means of delivering a request but does not enhance the actual development process.

Application agility is critical to business success, and business leaders are taking notice. Agility allows them to adapt quickly to the ever changing business environment, and the cloud allows them to accomplish this. As an increasing number of companies begin to use the cloud, they are quickly finding, they are able to consolidate operations, decrease costs, and help decrease the time needed to complete operations. The above information should make the benefits clear to CIOs and other business leaders.

Matt Smith is a Dell employee who writes to help raise awareness on the topic of Dell Cloud Solutions and other network management subjects.

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