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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 24, 2016

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Corel Painter X3 Now Available

The world’s leading digital art program has just gotten better. Corel recently announced the latest iteration of their flagship digital painting software, Corel Painter X3.

Bursting with new features, expanded brush library, performance enhancements for both Windows and Mac OS, Corel Painter X3 is a must-have for any digital artist – from photo retoucher to illustrator.

Here’s a quick look at some of the awesome new features Corel has included in X3:

  1. New Brush Search engine
    Find and select the perfect brush quickly and easily. Just type the name or properties of any brush and Painter will find it for you. The visual preview lets you ensure each brush is exactly what you’re looking for.
  2. New Stroke Preview
    See exactly what each brush stroke will look like on your canvas. Preview brush parameters such as Mixing, Erasing, Blending and Jitter. The preview adjusts in real-time as you experiment with brushes and paper textures. No more test canvases required.
  3. Advanced Brush Controls
    Edit and optimize brushes with a few simple clicks. The new brush optimizer highlights the primary parameters of each brush. Plus, make more advanced edits and preview changes on the fly. Learning and working with brushes has never been easier.
  4. New Jitter Brushes
    Use pre-built Jitter brushes to simulate those random elements and “happy accidents” that can occur when using real world media. For added effect, customize the pre-built Jitter brushes further to create more organic, natural-looking art.
  5. New Jitter Expression
    Add Jitter to all your Painter brushes and adjust for brush expressions such as Opacity, Grain, Size, Angle and more! It’s the perfect way to add a unique element of randomness to your art.
  6. New Perspective Guides
    Accurately draw in a one-, two- or three-point perspective. Simply select your vanishing points and set your lines—your brush strokes will automatically snap to the grid. You can also save presets, change line colors and add additional guidelines.
  7. New Reference Image
    Find new inspiration by working with reference images directly within the Painter interface. Just drop your reference image anywhere onscreen without disrupting your workflow, plus instantly sample reference colors. It’s the perfect way to stay inspired and creative!
  8. New “Meet the Artist” Paint Jam Sessions
    Join us online for live talks with professional artists who offer insight into the challenges and triumphs they’ve experienced over the course of their careers. From finding inspiration, to the artistic process, these monthly sessions will enlighten and inspire you.

In addition to these great new features, Corel has been hard at work enhancing and improving upon the functionality and features that artists around the world have come to rely upon:

  • Cloning workflow
  • Transform across multiple layers
  • Color set libraries and mixers
  • Memory optimization
  • Brush Sharing and management
  • RealBristle media
  • Flow Maps
  • Smart photo-painting tools
  • Customizable surface textures
  • Agile brush controls
  • Adobe Photoshop compatability
  • and so much more!


Corel Painter X3 is available now at, in full retail, academic, and upgrade editions.

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