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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 30, 2014

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Benefits And Risks Of Desktop Virtualization

Benefits And Risks Of Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization is a part of virtualization technology that separates a physical computer from a desktop environment. There are many benefits of desktop virtualization, one of the biggest being that you can long in to your desktop from any location. This means that you can access all of your files and other information on your computer, from wherever you are.

Some other benefits of desktop virtualization include:

  • Desktop virtualization helps to cure the problem of managing several employee machines by allowing admins to utilize virtual machine images, also known as templates, which all employees can use. Having this consistency among in any organization makes everything easier.
  • Many have argued that desktop virtualization provides greater security. This is mainly because desktop virtualization provides companies greater control over sensitive company information. Desktop virtualization provides this benefit as it prevents this sensitive data from being views or used on employee’s mobile devices. As you can imagine with large organizations, the ability to control what information can be access remotely is huge and can provide greater security.
  • Savings. Not necessarily from the equipment, but more so from the maintenance and administrative costs. While some savings might be gained from utilizing thin client devices, those costs are outweighed by all of the licensing and other additional costs. However, the cost savings on the managing side of things can be up to 50%. For any organization that is huge.
  • Desktop virtualization allows employees to have greater control over their desktop environments.
  • Desktop virtualization also provides an easy way for IT to lock and / or access files for one or all employees at a time. This provides management greater control over sensitive files that must be shared throughout the company.

As mentioned before, the greatest benefit is the ability for to manage all employees computers from one central location. As you can imagine, this capability is providing huge savings in both resources and time for large and small companies and organizations.

As far as how you access and interact with virtual desktops there really is no difference than the way in which you use your physical desktop, except for the fact that you can access it remotely. You can imaging the endless possibilities this technology provides. It is proving to be a valuable resource for companies everywhere.

Security Risks with Desktop Virtualization

One of the most common questions asked among companies and organization that are considering to utilize desktop virtualization is, “is it secure?” The answer to this question depends on who you talk to, and much debate and discussion has been made about desktop virtualization security. This article from on CIO points out the top five server virtualization security concerns.

Despite some of the concerns pointed out in that article, most companies are adopting this technology and in many cases it is proving to be a valuable asset.

This post was contributed by Allan Wiser, a virtualization specialist from California who has been deeply interested in virtualization technology since it started taking off. Allan is well known for his influence on the development on the portability of virtual machines and he continues to introduce new ideas to aid the growth and security of virtualization technology.


  1. If you use one image for all user virtual desktops, management is vastly simplified – one place to software, packages, upgrades, etc, and, if a user runs into a virus or a malware infection, they just need to reboot into a clean instance to get back up and running. However, if you’re using one image, and your users are accustomed to their own workstation, you will need to train them to use the centralized resources – and may need to maintain a few separate workstations for users who require specialized applications.

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