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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 28, 2014

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5 Certifications That Will Land You A Good Job In IT

5 Certifications That Will Land You A Good Job In IT

IT job opportunities pay well, and present fast career advancement. Information technology requires broad technical knowledge, but the chief advantage of IT jobs, is that they demand IT skills in comparison to other industries. Job in IT are anticipated to grow up twice the average for other occupations. Even with the economic crash, the IT industry remains one of the top growing industries globally today.

There are various certifications offered that will assist you land a good and promising Job in IT. These are offered by many companies, and in most cases the information and skill requirements are related. Hence, how do you get to know, what kind of certifications are desirable when searching for a good Job in IT? How can you be certain which kind of certifications that pay well? Below is a list of 5 top certifications, that will take you climb the ladder and get that dream job you desired in IT industry.

1. A+ Certification

A+ certification is a remarkable value to someone who have just entered into the world of IT. Possessing this certificate gives some hints to your employer that you understand the computer hardware basics, operating systems, networking, and troubleshooting. Moreover, it gives your employer an impression of good communication skills required to enter into the IT profession. The majority of large companies such as Microsoft and HP, requires A+ certification for your entry level job placement. This makes this certificate one of the most important for newcomers in IT industry. To obtain the A+ certification, it is mandatory to pass two exams; the A+ basics and the A+ Application. This certification is used for long life but it requires updating, in every three years to keep up-to-date knowledge.

2. Adobe Certification

Adobe certification is by far the only company, that specialized in the Art and design. Its sole agenda focuses on the designing of originality features. When you obtain your adobe certification, employers will come for you and you will get a long-term job career. The best thing with Adope, is that it is open to so many things in the IT industry, and fellows who have the certification, are in high demand.

3. SP-2010

SP- 2010 exams are highly valuable and in demand in IT industry. SP-2010 Shared Point, certification means you have experience with SP configuration, networking and windows servers. When seeking for the certification, you should have experience in managing, administering, monitoring the Shared Point servers. Additionally, you should have extensive knowledge of Windows server, and security server performances.

4. ISC,

ISC, denotes International Systems Security Certification. It is the leading certification in information security information. The ISC, certification is highly regarded as the top industry that demonstrate knowledge in network security. Additionally, it is a highly advanced certification, for students who want to get this certification, need to have a strong networking as well as security. When you possess this certification, you will be professional in networking and many government and security agencies will go for you and will be willing to pay great.

5. SP-2010 developer

This is another great accreditation for advanced IT professionals, and more so developers, and at least 3 years of experience of SP (Shared Point). This certification tests knowledge and skill in designing and execution of custom code for Microsoft applications implemented on SP servers.

This article was written by Sarah Donald. She is a Human Resource Manager who has worked with various technology corporations. If you are looking for jobs, she recommends this website for vacancies in South Africa

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