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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 20, 2014

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Video Editing Goes Mobile

Video Editing Goes Mobile

We live in a world where we’ve essentially erased geographical boundaries. We have friends and family spread across the globe, we do international work from the comfort of our offices and homes – despite being thousands of miles apart – and we share information in seconds, from every corner of the map. It is this very interconnectedness that defines our generation and liberates us to continue to push boundaries. We’re no longer confined to the spaces of physical reality – we’ve expanded into the seemingly endless space of the Internet.

With the click of a button, we can send photos, messages and videos; our world can be documented and viewed by hundreds, thousands or even millions of people. Somehow, our world is simultaneously growing and shrinking; it’s paradoxical and it’s beautiful.

But what if you’re on the move and nowhere near a computer where you can download video, edit it and place it onto your preferred social networking site? No worries: iPhones and Androids have numerous apps that allow you to turn your mobile device into a mini-movie maker. Here are three reasons you may want to add video editing to your smartphone:

  1. Accessibility: We turn to technology to make our lives easier and to improve our experiences. But oftentimes we find ourselves fumbling around, hoping to hit the right combination of buttons for the desired effect. Mobile video editing, however, is different; it’s made to be used by average, everyday people and it is accessible. You won’t need to have any serious tech savvy – just a little patience and a lot of imagination.
  2. Creativity: Mobile apps specifically designed for video editing take the best of popular social networking sites, such as Instagram, and apply it to videos. Apply filters, add effects, include music or sound, edit and trim scenes. Everything you have come to expect from mobile photo editing is now available for your videos – and more.
  3. Connectivity: The biggest appeal of our global, interconnected communication and media systems is the way we can reach people instantaneously. We no longer have to wait for post – we can just send an email. If you want to chat with your friends or family abroad, you can merely instant message them. We want to be connected and we want to share the amusing, wonderful things we experience every day. With video mobile apps, you can share video with your entire social network, quickly and easily. Just shoot your video, edit and customize it how you like, and then upload it onto your site of choice.

Your cell phone’s capabilities are endless; with companies and programmers constantly improving what we can do within just one palm-sized device, we’re truly looking at just the beginning of our digital world. The only thing hindering your creativity now is you.

Stacey enjoys writing about the latest technology, especially when it has to do with a cell phone app. She recently came across, an app that helps you to edit your cell phone videos.

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