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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 30, 2014

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Reliable Data Storage Systems Through Windows Servers

Reliable Data Storage Systems Through Windows Servers

Windows Server 2012, which replaces Windows Small Business Server, combines the reliability and integrity of the Windows brand with virtualization, automation and cloud-based resources. As such, it offers an effective solution for many companies looking to enhance their server space with cloud-based resources. Since the service is scalable, Windows Server offers high-level solutions for businesses large and small.

Windows Server 2012

Microsoft leveraged its data center and cloud infrastructure experience to develop Windows Server, a complete virtualization platform that offers secure connectivity to private clouds. Unlike many other virtualization options, which co-locate cloud-based servers, this platform offers a completely isolated virtual server for clients. Your business won’t have to share server space with other companies, rendering you vulnerable to data leaks or slow bandwidth. Because the system is scalable and connects to other cloud applications, you can tweak it to meet your needs. The open web and app development environment support open source applications, different development languages and open standards, for maximum ease of implementation. Customers will also receive tools and support to aid movement from on-premises servers to hybrid or hosted server models, freeing up IT resources and staff time while encouraging dynamic flexibility and growth.


  • Access anywhere: Because this server is hosted elsewhere, you can access enterprise resources anytime and anywhere. No more copying important files to flash drives when you can access everything from home.
  • Always available: Virtualized servers experience significantly less downtime than other hosted servers, which means that company resources will be available 24/7/365. If you’ve put off switching to a hosted or cloud-based server because you’re afraid that server will crash, try a virtualized server.
  • Secure: Windows Server 2012′s enhanced security and compliance standards mean a cloud computing environment that’s rigorously monitored for security breaches. Resource-level identity controls and remote access authentication protocols keep sensitive data securely stored. Administrators can set item access levels as needed.
  • Dynamic Access Control: Dynamic access control offers both holistic and fine-grain resource control in an easy-to-implement interface. Set security and access control for users, assign directory rights management to sensitive assets and sort and classify data on servers based on subject matter, location and other criteria.
  • Enhanced data management: Windows Servers 2012′s significant data storage capacity comes with enhanced data management through a unified interface to streamline productivity. The interface accepts command-line scripting for fast file management, and also supports multitype and standards-based resource management.
  • Flexible: Microsoft offers four levels of Windows Server 2012: The base Foundation level supports up to 15 users, the Essentials level covers businesses with 25 to 50 users, the Standard level is designed at environments with minimal virtualization and the Data center is designer to support a highly virtual environment. In addition, users can select which applications — such as Microsoft Outlook — they want to access in the cloud and which they want to access from onsite. This element of flexibility helps organizations meet compliance needs that may call for onsite record storage while maintaining a secure and flexible working environment.

Existing Windows Server users will find the 2012 version a quick upgrade. Users wanting a new server that provides a pathway to cloud service will enjoy the ease of use and reliability when making initial forays into cloud infrastructure and apps. ZDNet reviewer Simons Bisson even termed Windows Server 2012 a must-have upgrade. IT professionals and developers wishing to try the new Server for themselves can download a trial version from the Microsoft website, while regular computer users can familiarize themselves with Windows Server 2012 through virtual labs, hosted on the Microsoft website.

Matt Smith is a Dell employee who writes to help raise awareness on the topic of Windows server 2012 and other network management subjects

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