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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 24, 2014

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Five Ways Cloud Computing Will Change Our Lives

The cloud is a concept which has been around for a few years, but is gaining more and more exposure and has become something of a buzz word of late. As more businesses take the plunge and switch to cloud servers, there is no doubt that cloud computing is revolutionizing our every day lives, both at work and at home. Here are some of the areas of life which the cloud is changing.


Cloud servers mean that you can have the music and movies you love, anywhere you want at any time. It could put the nail in the coffin for CDs and DVDs, as with a cloud network there is no longer a need to cart DVDs around to a friend’s house to watch on a Friday night or lend someone a CD, simply log in with your details from any device and you’ll be able to access your personal collection instantly.

The biggest game player in the music industry is Spotify which utilizes cloud technology to allow users to access the 15 million song library from anywhere, as well as their own personalized playlists and favorites. In the film and TV world the competition is hot between Netflix and Lovefilm Instant.

Business Start-Ups

Due to the pay as you use structure behind most cloud computing services, small businesses will be able to start up on a global scale in a way which just wasn’t possible a decade ago. Cloud computing allows businesses access to an efficient and productive IT system with full support, without having to employ any IT technicians. It also provides an element of flexibility; as a business expands they can easily upgrade their cloud facilities.


It is said that the cloud is fundamentally changing the way companies sell their products, both to consumers and other businesses. At the most extreme, it could eliminate the need for advertising altogether; as data and internet activity is stored on customers who use the cloud, businesses can target users when they know they are in need of a product.

It at least gives the common people a change to voice their views on a product, service or brand instantly through online forums, communities and review websites. With regards to software, companies will offer free online versions of their wares through the cloud, with the expectation that the customer will eventually upgrade to the full package.


The powerful, high-speed technology of the cloud means that users can play complex games at an extremely high resolution from any device instantly, and it is hoped that in the future games will be delivered globally, direct to a customer on an open web. Microsoft’s new Xbox One claims to take gaming to the next level, and it will do this using cloud servers in order to provide a full gaming and entertainment experience.


Everybody loves shopping, right? With cloud based servers in place in retail companies, shopping could be even easier. Cloud technologies should allow for inventory logs to update much faster, allowing a more reliable and up to date service. It should put an end to ordering a product online and then heading to the store, only to find that your selected product is out of stock despite you reserving one.

This guest post was written by Emma Williams, who recently switched to the cloud using Clouklix, a UK based company offering cloud servers to businesses.

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