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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 20, 2014

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Facebook Can Promote Your IT Business And Here's How!

Facebook Can Promote Your IT Business And Here’s How!

Running a successful IT business can be an exciting and often lucrative occupation but it also attracts more than a few challenges. One of the most important aspects to this type of business is the matter of promoting your services to the general public. Advertising is quite costly and often goes unnoticed by your potential customers. Perhaps it is time to take your advertising platform into a new arena. Social media is certainly the darling of modern technology and over one billion people log into their favorite social platforms every single day. The largest of these platforms is Facebook, and it has a whopping 700 million regular users. With this in mind, let’s see how this phenomenal market place can help to promote your IT business.

Facebook Is A Winning Brand

Everybody loves to be associated with success stories and they do not come much bigger than Facebook! In the early years it may have been seen as a little left of center to use a social media site for your own business promotion, but things have changed somewhat. Facebook is one of the brands of the new millennium and will only help to improve your own company image.

From Little Acorns…

When you advertise on a social media platform, you need to be prepared to play the long game. Bigger companies do not have the time for this approach as their competitors are in a constant race to get their product or service out first. So a smaller company has the advantage of being able to take a slower, more calculated, pace. You can do things your own way, but it has been proven that the best path to success is by steady and sure steps forward.

Facebook Fan Page

Assuming that you already have your own Facebook profile, the next step is to create a Fan Page for your IT business. It is important to keep your personal and commercial interests separate. Facebook users enjoy sharing their lives with friends but are a little reticent to mix work with pleasure. Many individuals have come unstuck when their managers have challenged them about a wild night out or a racy photograph, so keep them apart and you’ll be doing okay.


Once you have created the Fan Page, you can add a profile picture and cover page. It is wise to upload your brand name as the profile and perhaps a photo of your premises as the cover page. You should try and engage your followers, so think about some interesting posts right from the start. Invite your Facebook friends to ‘like’ your page and this will connect them thereafter. You can also add a link to your company website and use your email contacts for more Fan Page invitations.


Once your fan base starts to grow, you can spark some healthy debates about your IT business and gather some public opinions about the way IT matters things should be approached. You can often get some invaluable feedback via social media platforms and try to make the most of these insights.


Above all, make your Fan Page a cool place to hang out and avoid getting too technical. Always make yourself available for advice and never come across as too ‘highbrow’ in your technical conversations. Follow these simple guidelines and you should soon be seeing more interest in your IT company!

The author of this post, James Morrison, is a part of the team at Simplified Telephony Solutions, an interactive voice response service provider based in Toronto. He has a keen interest in internet marketing and spends his spare time on social networking websites.

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