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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 4, 2016

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Coming Soon: Enfocus Connect YOU 11

Coming Soon: Enfocus Connect YOU 11

UPDATE: Connect YOU 11 and Connect ALL 11 have been released!

Connect YOU helps everybody to create, verify and deliver high-quality PDFs with ease.

Enfocus Connect YOU is an affordable, easy to use single-user solution that allows anyone to create high-quality PDFs and to deliver them automatically to a production site, including job instructions related to the file. PDFs are written to pre-set standards, then checked, corrected and uploaded automatically in one click. No special operator skills are required.

Enfocus Connect YOU enables you to:

1. Create high quality PDF files from any application
2. PDF quality control using built-in Enfocus PitStop preflight & correction engine
3. Hassle-free job delivery

What are the benefits of Connect YOU?

1. High-quality PDFs from any application.

It’s as simple as “print.” Using the same PDF creation engine found in Adobe Creative Suite, Connect will consistently create a high-quality PDF with a single action or command. This removes the need to check and set complex PDF creation settings.

2. Built-in Quality Control.

Using the industry standard Enfocus PitStop preflight and corrections engine and award winning Certified PDF technology, Connect YOU checks all PDF files to ensure fonts, colors, image resolution, page metrics and much more are optimal for print.

3. Hassle-free job delivery in one click.

Once the files are ready to go, Connect streamlines job delivery. As either part of the PDF creation process or as a standalone function, files dropped on a Connector are automatically validated and securely sent to a remote FTP server, HTTP web portal, e-mail or Enfocus Switch server.

4. Easy for the novice. Flexible for the Pro.

Not sure of what the best settings are for creating a top-quality PDF, or a simple workflow to deliver jobs? No problem. Connect comes with a library of predefined Connectors with settings for a variety of tasks and job types.

How does Connect YOU work?

Connect YOU enables end users to create multipurpose cross-platform applets, called Connectors, that automatically perform a variety of tasks, including high-quality PDF creation from any application, verification, job ticketing, and automated file/job delivery via FTP, HTTP, e-mail or Enfocus Switch.

Each Connector contains all the settings and information needed for every function, including log-on credentials for file transfer. The Connector appears as a desktop icon for easy drag-and-drop access, and is also accessed via either an application’s Print menu, or a dedicated “Export as Certified PDF” menu option in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.

Connect YOU creates Connectors that only run on the computer on which the application is licensed. However, it gives the user unlimited control over the number and configuration of Connectors. The local set-up leaves the creator of the Connector in control.

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