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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 30, 2014

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing In Business

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing In Business

Cloud computing is a hot topic in the IT world and could soon become a way of life for many businesses.

Surveys recently conducted in the UK reveals that many people actually do use the cloud services to store personal and important data and files but many did not know or understand the term ‘cloud computing.’ With 54% of the participants in the survey claiming to never have used cloud computing, actually does use cloud computing, banking online, shopping online and storing music and videos online.

So far it is reported in the UK and Europe that only 29% of the population use the cloud for business purposes but this is all set to change as more and more businesses have a greater understanding on cloud computing and how it can benefit their business.

Cloud computing could be the way forward for many businesses but how does it really benefit you and what could go wrong?

Cloud Computing Advantages  

Access To Important Information Anywhere

Wherever you are, no matter what you’re doing you can access your data and files anywhere where there is an internet connection. Not only is this convenient but it also means you can spend less time in the office.

Backed Up Files

Cloud computing allows you to store your data in various locations so if your computer crashes, you won’t lose information and you’ll still be able to retrieve those important files.

It’s Secure

It is definitely harder for a hacker to get at your personal files through cloud computing as companies offering cloud computing usually have cast-iron security software in place. It’s not impossible but it is definitely more difficult than hacking into a remote computer.

Easy To Share Documents

You can easily share your documents with work colleagues and others who may need to know, quickly, easily and discreetly.  There are various settings in place that you can modify to decide who can view your files, download and edit the files. This saves a lot of time.

Less Paper

The more that’s kept online means it’s definitely a way of cutting back on the amount of paper in the office; it’s good for the environment as it saves energy and resources.  Some businesses could effectively run their whole business through cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Disadvantages

Storage Limits

There will always be a limit on the amount of data that can be stored, even if you pay for extra storage it will rarely be able to compete with the amount of space your PC or laptop can hold. You may find yourself having to store less files to keep the storage limit down which could pose a problem.

Server Issues

It may not happen very often or for very long but it’s a possibility this could happen at a crucial moment when you need quick access to files and If you have problems with your server, it may make retrieving files from the cloud difficult.

Uploading Large Documents

Uploading large documents, files and pictures can take time and this is no exception with cloud computing. This can be incredibly inconvenient.

Data Breaches And Privacy Concerns

As mentioned previously, it is harder for your data to be got at by others but not impossible and all too easy for private and personal information to be made public and accessed by many over the internet.

Lack Of Features

When it comes to editing and modifying documents you may find that the storage service provider you have chosen may not offer much in the way of software to actually change your data unlike a program on your remote computer.

Provided you do your research and choose a cloud computing solution that best suits you and your needs and one that has steps to protect your data and your privacy, cloud computing can be a valuable asset to any business.

If you’re considering implementing cloud computing into your business practice, it’s highly recommended that you undertake data protection act training such as that provided by QT&C. 


  1. Security and features for cloud products will vary from one vendor to the next, but the common factor for all vendors is the bandwidth you’re using to access the cloud. Make sure your internet connection is fast enough, and has enough bandwidth, to support the applications you need to access. Being able to work from home is great, but if it takes you 4x longer to access the resources you need, you might be better off making the drive in.

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