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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 31, 2014

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5 Online Data Backup Services Reviewed

5 Online Data Backup Services Reviewed

Online data backup services work like that of a traditional backup software, except with the former, your files are sent through the Internet and stored in a professional server. All online backup services share the same basic features like automatic, regular, and incremental backup. But that’s where the similarities end. Some services offer backups from network drives and device-to-device syncing, while others don’t.

I’ve compiled some of the best online backup services in the market and compared them so you can find the one that best suits your needs, whether you’re an average Joe or a business entity.


Crashplan online backup serviceCrashPlan has excellent software and features, and offers cost-effective plans. Its user-friendly interface allows a web-based restore option, continuous backup, and a 448-bit encryption level. User reviews have proven it to be a great backup software program.

CrashPlan+ 10 GB costs $2/month for up to 10 GB of storage. CrashPlan+ Unlimited costs $4/month and allows an unlimited amount of storage. CrashPlan+ Family Unlimited costs $9/month and allows an unlimited amount of storage for up to ten computers.

The more you prepay your services, the higher the discount, which may run up to 40% if you prepay for four years.


Backblaze online backup serviceBackblaze has an easy-to-navigate website that will suit anyone. Its interface and pricing options are simple and straightforward, but you can still fine-tune it to work with what you need.

Backblaze is recommended for both personal and business use. For just $5/month/computer, you can already get an unlimited amount of storage, and if you purchase a two-year plan, the monthly fee goes down to $3.96.

For business users, Backblaze offers unlimited storage for $50/computer/year.


Mozy online backup serviceMozy is another online backup service that’s easy to use, reliable, automatic, and easy to restore from. Just register for an account, download and install their software, identify the files you want to back up, and then set it to automatic backup whenever you like.

Everyone will love Mozy because it’s free and offers up to 2 GB of storage. If you need more space, $5.99/month/computer will give you 50 GB, $9.99/month up to three computers will give you 125 GB of storage. Prepay for one or two years and you can get good discounts.

For additional computers and additional 20 GB of space, you only need to add an extra $2 per month each.


Carbonite online backup serviceCarbonite has been a popular choice for many users. It’s easy to use, it marks backed up files in Windows Explorer and it can even back up open files. The only problem is one account only covers one computer and doesn’t back up network drives nor host file sharing. Once you reach 35 GB, the upload process experiences bandwidth throttling.

The Carbonite Home online backup service costs $59.99/year for unlimited storage. If you want extra features, there’s HomePlus for $99.99/year and HomePremier for $149.99/year.

SOS Online Backup

SOS online backup serviceSOS Online Backup is one of the key players in the online backup market. Simple and fast, it offers Facebook backup, and also stores iPhone and Android apps. One account in any plan supports an unlimited number of devices, unlimited versioning, continuous data backup, network drive support, and archiving of deleted files.

For $9.99/month, $15.99/month, and $19.99/month, you can get storage of 100 GB, 150 GB, AND 250 GB, respectively. Prepay for one or two years and you’ll get good discounts.

  is a frequent contributor to Data Recovery Group, retrieving lost data from failed hard drives since 1986. 

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