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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 1, 2014

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Utilizing HRIS Software In Your Organization

Utilizing HRIS Software In Your Organization

It is not unusual to see automated systems for human resource management in many companies and organizations. The reason for this is because automated systems provides the HR staff with an easy way to monitor important information about employees like work reviews, payments, and various benefits they receive. Automation also allows the HR staff to become more streamlined and effective at completing tasks. Because it is so important to find the HRIS software (Human Resource Information Systems) that will work best for your organization, you need to seriously think about the following concepts.

What You Should Remember When Choosing HR Software for Your Organization

Your Organization’s Needs

The most important thing to understand is what your organization requires from an automation system. A newer company that is undergoing massive growth will need to invest in software that will grow with the company over the coming years. Also consult with other sectors of your organization to learn about the software programs they are currently using. It is important for sectors that work together to use software systems that are compatible. You also need to keep things like what kind of operating systems your staff uses and if the software system will require the use of a database, additional hosting. Some software systems may even affect the way your organization files taxes or creates reports.

Consider All of the Possibilities

You never want to buy software from the first software vendor you come into contact with. Consider several different brands of software and compare the features the offer and use this information to decide which software best suits the needs of your organization. Hold several software presentations so that your staff can learn what software programs you are considering. They may have ideas or suggestions that will impact your decision. It is a good idea to evaluate at least six different brands of software, then narrow the selection down to the best two.

Product Support

Having a software program that is backed up by reliable product support from the manufacturer is extremely important. The manufacturer should have customer service agents available to come to your organization and help the staff become familiar with the software. This will eliminate the risk that your employees will be unable to learn how to use the software effectively. Some manufacturers will hire a third party company to train your employees on how to use the software. If such an idea does not sit well with you, choose another manufacturer who operates their own training sessions.


Just because particular HRIS software has a good interface and is effective does not mean that it offers the security required to protect confidential information and documents. Since the HR department frequently works with sensitive information like social security numbers, addresses and bank account information, the software system you choose should at the very least have sufficient encryption capabilities to keep your organization’s data safe. You can also do your part to keep confidential information safe by installing physical security devices such as cameras and security systems.

Application and Budget

To make the process go smoothly, try to pick a software system that does not require much set up time. You want to be up and running as soon as possible. It is also important to consider the costs of purchasing and operating this software. Find out what you have to pay and when you have to pay it.

Future Updates and Improvements

Software is constantly being updated. Ask your software’s manufacturer if they offer free updates for their product or if you will need to pay for each update. Make sure that the manufacturer notifies you of all upcoming updates for your HRIS software system.

Authored By: Rebecca Whiteside. Find more information on human resource information systems (HRIS) at HR Payroll System’s HR Blog

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