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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 28, 2014

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Top Tips For Choosing Online Backup

Top Tips For Choosing Online Backup

Choosing online backup can feel like a bit of a minefield but getting online backup right, right from the start, is crucial and well worth taking your time over. In fact, choosing a provider isn’t as difficult as you might think, as long as you keep these few simple considerations in mind.

It’s All About The Money Money Money

Before choosing an online backup service, one of the first and most vital things to consider is the cost. As with anything, some services are more expensive than others are. Some reasons for this difference are storage space, convenience, or features of some backup services. If a backup product has more features, it is likely to be more expensive than just a simple product. For example, ADrive is more complex than CrashPlan+. Other backup services have more offers compared to others. All these differences are determinants of costs.

Size IS Everything

Another essential factor to consider is convenience of a backup service to the consumer. This means clients must check the amount of space for storage a backup product has. For instance, Acronis only has two hundred and fifty gigabytes storage. This product is only convenient for personal data use. Companies with very large amounts of data would not find it appropriate. They will need an online backup with unlimited space for storage or a provider like Securstore, who offer a hybrid cloud service especially geared up for large enterprises.

Keep It Safe

If a business is seeking online backup, it should only consider those with highly developed encryption facilities. It is important to encrypt data before transmitting it through the internet. This is to maintain confidentiality and safety from unauthorized intrusion. Businesses are more interested in encryption than individuals are. Therefore, individuals seeking this service might not emphasize much on encryption.

Easy Peasy

For many people choosing online backup, ease of use is the most important consideration. Simplicity saves time when working with these backup services. Too complex procedures might end up as nuisance hence, not convenient. For example, if a service provider requires you to remember difficult access codes or passwords, it will discourage the consumer. It is essential to note that the simplicity of using the backup service should not compromise its safety. If things are too simple they will be just as easy for everyone to figure out as they are for you!

Help! I Need Somebody


Creative commons image via Sybren A. Stuvel, Flickr

Services offered online can often cause problems when it comes to customer service; if there is no help in case of difficulties then all the convenience of online backup can go out the window. When choosing an online backup service, select one which provides themselves on offering high quality, accessible technical support. For instance, one may forget his or her password and needs help immediately. Users could also experience other technical issues, hindering them from using the service. Some service providers have helpline working through out. Such providers are appropriate to choose.

Remember the 3 Rs! Research, Research, Research

Lastly, identify all the available online back up providers and evaluate them. For something as important as your data, putting the hours in doing some proper research is a worthwhile investment. This can happen by comparing and contrasting them. Most of them are affordable so, it is advisable to pay close attention to those other features. Have a list of advantages and limitations of each provider and come up with the most suitable for you. Select the provider with the best offers with the most features that favour your own specific and particular needs. Follow this advice and the brave new world of online backup is your oyster.

Kate Parker is a self proclaimed computer geek and keen commentator on recent developments in technology. She has written this article on behalf of online backup provider Securstore.

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