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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 6, 2016

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Top Accounting Software For Managers

Top Accounting Software For Managers

Whether you work as a mechanical engineer or an attorney, you know that the key to your success rests in proper technology. Investing in the right software will allow you to keep track of clients, manage billing and work on complex projects. The following offers five quality pieces of accounting and management software for your business.

Acumatica takes accounting and project management to a new level with its web-based ERP software. Because the software runs solely online using cloud technology, customers will appreciate its lower price tag than traditional software packages. Online doesn’t mean less, and Acumatica offers proof that virtual management software can be just as powerful and effective as tangible systems. The company offers a wide array of products to fit individual business needs, from simple accounting to advanced packages.

Clearview InFocus
Primarily focused on the architectural and engineering industries, Clearview InFocus offers a well-rounded suite of business management and accounting features in its software package. The company’s goal since its beginning in 2007 has been to ensure that clients stay happy and informed, and to that end, their software is designed with users in mind. Those in the engineering or architectural world will find features like real-time accounting and resource allocations helpful in completing tasks efficiently and on time.

Khameleon markets itself as a web-based project management software company designed to help large organizations keep track of their workflow. Designed for companies with more than 25 employees, this software allows users to stay connected across large expanses, whether physical or virtual. Its accounting features will help you stay on track of project costs and calculations, and the easy-to-use interface means you won’t spend a lot of time learning a complex piece of software.

Microsoft Dynamics SL
If you’re looking for a comprehensive piece of business management software, then Microsoft Dynamics SL offers you just what you need. Much like Microsoft’s other software suites, Dynamics combines complex capabilities with easy user interface, allowing you to manage your business needs without the hassle. This all-inclusive software package combines accounting software with project management. Cloud computing plus tangible software allow you and your employees to work when and where you want while staying on top of important projects.

Time Matters
Specifically designed for law firms, Time Matters, owned by LexisNexis, offers a comprehensive package of accounting and business management. It fully integrates with Microsoft Office, including Outlook, which makes it an attractive choice for small to mid-size firms. Time Matters takes practice management to another level, allowing attorneys to manage their client files, document preparation and accounting in one streamlined software application.

Each of these pieces of software addresses specific needs within a business, whether it be accounting issues or workflow productivity. Technology can make or break a career, so it’s important to review your business needs and choose the right software package for your practice.

Abi is a content writer for Francis Clark Tax Consultants, a business based in South West England who provide a UK tax advice for their clients, visit to find out more about their tax services.

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