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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 20, 2014

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Ten Pieces Of Software That Everyone Should Learn How To Use

Ten Pieces Of Software That Everyone Should Learn How To Use

Navigating your laptop or PC can be more trouble than it’s worth. Beginners have it hard enough, but even seasoned nerds find it frustrating to keep up with the changing pace of technology from time to time. From getting the right anti-viral program to downloading the perfect browser, using your home technology to the best of its ability isn’t always easy. Too often we can pay through the nose for programs which don’t work well or aren’t right for our needs. To help you out, here are the top ten software programs that everyone can, and should learn how to use.

Browsing for Browsers

Internet Explorer is the go-to default browser for any Windows machine. Unless you’re a Mac user you’ll be used to this, but why not try something new? Web engines like Google Chrome can often be speedier and safer with just a quick click to download and are easy to navigate.

Keep It Clean

Anti-viral software is essential if you’re surfing, so think about the latest and greatest programs for protection when online. AVG has a free cover protecting your computer from common bugs for a limited time, so you can try before you buy. Make sure you follow the friendly and simple set-up manager and learn how to check regularly for updates and protective downloads.

Did You Lose Something?

Keeping your files to hand is pretty important and we all know the sinking feeling when you spill juice on the keyboard or lose a USB. Try Dropbox for backing up your information online and get peace of mind knowing that your latest CV or important download is safe and sound.

Java, Flash… Whatever.

Reaching your favorite media online requires a decent downloader. Vuze is user-friendly and has a free version which meets most people’s needs. There are plenty of Youtube guides online and the program itself has a tutorial you can access.

What’s That Track?

Spotify is a quality music program that has stood the test of time. It’s no longer free, unfortunately, but the system is cheap and effective. Its back catalog is vast, easy accessible and once you’ve downloaded the program, playlists and favorites can be stored and played again and again without annoying adverts.

Cat Videos… Everywhere!

VLC is a useful piece of media software for anyone playing anything. It will convert any format of video or music file into an immediately playable resource for you to enjoy. The first ever universal tool for converting audio or visual files and its basic formula makes it easy to use and still the leading program of its kind.

Down Sizing

It’s not all about downloading alternative sources. Your average Windows laptop or PC comes with an in-house Winzip compressor. This handy little tool shrinks down large files into a bite-size chunk for emailing and saving. It sounds simple but many users don’t even know it exists and use up valuable space unnecessarily. Learn how to utilize it and reap the benefits.

VOIP And What Not.

For keeping connected, Skype is the essential software worldwide. This ground-breaking program lets you communicate visually with friends, family and for business…for free. Learning to use Skype can open doors you never thought possible, from interviews in Australia to treasured family time across continents.

Messengers for Instance.

AIM is the most effective face of instant messaging. If you like chatting with MSN Messenger, why not download AIM where you can send music files, pictures and documents to each other as well? This is truly interactive chat, with multiple conversation facilities and everything required to keep your online social life buzzing.

Create The Creative With You Creativeness.

Last but not least, get creative with Photoshop. This program is pretty pricey but worth it if you like to tinker with pictures or graphics of any kind. Complete novices and advanced pros can reinvent, edit, design and produce cutting edge imagery, making Photoshop a powerful tool for fun and serious business alike. Not only that, quality online tutorials make it really, really easy to get started.

So, what are you waiting for?

Guest post source – E-Testing. Providers of courses in software testing

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