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SoftwareMedia Blog | April 30, 2016

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One Comment is Now a VMware Enterprise Partner! is Now a VMware Enterprise Partner!

VMware - Enterprise Partner - smallWe’re pleased to announce that is now a VMware Enterprise Partner! This will enable us to continue offering amazing prices on all VMware products.

Additionally, all customers who purchase VMware products now automatically qualify for the Volume Purchasing Program, which offers tiered discounts for higher volume purchases.

Benefits of VPP (Volume Purchasing Program)

  • Receive financial incentives when you purchase VMware products in volume with VPP discounts on eligible license products.
  • Achieve budget predictability since discounts are guaranteed for up to 2 years.
  • Simplify your acquisition of VMware software through a standardized purchasing program.


  • Accumulative program where qualifying purchases are aggregated (in the form of points) over a rolling eight-quarter period.
  • Discount levels are earned automatically based on purchase volumes.
  • Easy-to-use online portals for membership enrollment and for tracking eligible discounts.
  • Globally consistent program rules that allows discount sharing between customers and their affiliates.

Discount Levels

End customers may use their VPP membership number to purchase VMware products at a discounted price off VMware’s then current local MSRP prices. However, discounts under VMware VPP are passed down to end customers only through VMware authorized channel partners. VMware does not set final prices, actual discounts, or payment terms for licenses acquired through such channel partners. Final prices and payment terms are determined by agreement between the customer and their channel partner.



  1. Hi Tony,I would recommend you secarh the web for VMware home lab setup guides, take an introductory VMware course (available all over the world), and start with a use case (set up a virtual infrastructure is a good one).Have fun!

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