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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 21, 2014

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Smart Tech Innovations In Traffic And Parking

Smart Tech Innovations In Traffic And Parking

Every year tens of millions of cars are produced, bought and driven worldwide, and according to global statistics, these figures are steadily rising. Though this may mean great news for car companies, it will most likely mean more congested roads, overflowing parking areas, more accident prone streets and more traffic accidents unless companies and governments do something about them.

Thankfully, several technological innovations have sprung up and have been implemented worldwide in an effort to combat these potentially intensifying road and traffic problems. Here are three of those ingenious innovations and how they’re helping to keep the streets safe and orderly.

Secondary Image Speed Verification System

Developed in 2005 by leading traffic management systems provider Tenix, the secondary image speed verification system, otherwise known as SISV, is an advanced system that can accurately calculate the speed of a moving car through the use of captured images. The inception of a system of its calibre was necessary due to inaccurate speed detections and the resulting incorrect infringements issued in previous years.

The SISV can accurately calculate the speed of a moving vehicle by looking at two images of the vehicle taken by street cameras (also provided by Tenix) and applying a sophisticated algorithm that uses a time over distance method. The system can then plot the 3D information onto a two dimensional screen.

The system has proven to be effective in providing accurate speed calculation and verification, and minimising errors and erroneous infringements. It’s also quite cost effective and practical as it uses no more than the already available infrastructure and evidence images.

Smart Parking Technology

Don’t you just hate having to spend so much time going around in circles looking for a parking space and ending up late to your appointments because of it? Well one smart company has found a solution. Streetline has come up with a smart parking system that enables drivers to detect available parking spaces ahead.

The system uses sensors and smart meters which are fixed into the asphalt of a parking space and connected to regular meters. These meters help city and enforcement officials keep track of expired parking meters, parking violations and raise parking prices during peak hours or special events. Drivers can pay for parking via mobile phone and through a free app Parker, drivers can check which spaces are still available or unavailable, saving them time and the effort of going around in circles looking for a space.

Ignition Interlock Device

More vehicles on the road means there may be more drunk drivers out there as well. To keep drunk drivers off the streets, several states in the U.S. and a few other countries are using ignition interlock devices (IID). These devices are based on the breathalyser, a device that can determine the amount of alcohol in one’s system through a breath sample; and while they are not new, the instalment of IID’s as sentencing alternatives to those charged with DUI is.

IIDs work by requiring a breath sample from the driver. If the blood alcohol level in the sample is higher than the programmed allowable level, then the car will not start. While on the road, the device will also intermittently ask for another breath sample to ensure that the driver is the only one providing the sample and that the driver remains sober. If not, the device will start an alarm until the car is turned off or a clean breath sample is provided.

Whether it’s keeping the streets safe or keeping you from going crazy looking for somewhere to park, technology is certainly making great strides in traffic and parking, and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Debra Wright blogs about a plethora of topics including traffic, parking, and road safety. Wright considers Tenix Solutions as a leading provider of traffic and parking management systems to state and local governments.

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