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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 29, 2014

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Cloud Storage News: Google Releases Google Drive For Android, IOS And Chrome OS

Cloud Storage News: Google Releases Google Drive For Android, IOS And Chrome OS

The well-used and well-known Google Docs was given a heavy boost in April of this year with the release of Google Drive, Google’s powerful cloud storage and sharing system. Drive has been anticipated by tech enthusiasts and Google watchers since as early as 2006 before finally coming out.

In the eyes of competitors, this probably seemed like another effort by the Google tech giant to get web users dependent on it for everything they do online. Competitors are probably right. Google is on a quest to provide a seamless solution for just about all of your tech issues and needs. They are doing a great job so far. Cloud storage and collaboration is a big opportunity for Google to take the next step and become even more necessary in the online marketplace.

Cloud storage competitors like Dropbox have reasons to worry, since Drive, based off the original Google Docs allows real time editing and sharing of documents and has a free storage allowance of 5 GB instead of the 2.5 offered by Dropbox. Furthermore, the ubiquitous nature of Google apps like Gmail and others in daily business makes accessing sharing of any docs and files stored on Drive even more convenient than the options competitors lie Dropbox offer; according to Google’s own web page for Drive, “All your stuff is just..there”. Dropbox also cannot do as good of a job handling changes and duplicate versions of a document. It is great that google docs can be worked on by several people all at once. It really makes for a seamless business solution.

Google Drive offers free accounts of up to 5 GB and from there users can keep upgrading to different storage capacities until they hit 1 terabyte, offered at $49.99 per month. Multiple terabytes can also be bought for really gigantic data storage needs. With just documents 5 GB is plenty of space and doesn’t become a huge problem until you’re storing a lot of photos or movies.

What really sets Google apart though is its ability to allow a real time collaboration of documents that shows changes made by various users in real time. Arrangements of files can be made into various folders or sub-folders and offline access is also possible. Gmail users can share and store documents even more easily.

Up until a little while ago, the editing features of Drive were only available to Windows and Mac OS X, but that has now changed.

Google has recently announced that accessing Drive for editing and collaboration was possible on Android powered machines; now they’ve expanded that same availability to the iOS system used by iPads and iPhones and their own Chrome OS system for mobile devices. Since much of our life is happening on mobile devices now it is important for any company developing cloud solutions. Having the ability to work on a document from wherever you are without worrying about a colleague not being able to work on it at the same time is key. Hopefully we can realize better sync options in the near future to make it even more appealing.

About the Author: Thomas is a freelance writer who writes for Next Door Self Storage.  When he’s not doing that, he has fun researching the latest in the tech world.

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