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SoftwareMedia Blog | November 1, 2014

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Adobe to Offer Boxed Versions of CS6!

Adobe to Offer Boxed Versions of CS6!

Adobe has listened to the demands of our customers and will re-releasing boxed versions of CS6, effective July 1, 2013!

Adobe recently announced that they will be devoting most of their resources to developing the new CC (Creative Cloud) product line and in the process announced that they would be doing away with boxed versions of their perpetual licenses. While Creative Cloud has be very successful and quite popular there is a significant segment of the Creative Suite customers that want to continue being able to purchase physical, perpetual licenses.

CS6 boxes will be rereleased on July 1st 2013 and will include all commercial SKUs. Adobe Acrobat, Student Teacher Edition and Creative Suite will be available – excluding Digital Imaging and Pro Video SKUs.

It is important to note that all new features and functionality that Adobe develops for Creative Cloud will be exclusive to Creative Cloud. What you get with CS6 is will not include any upgrades or updates in the future.

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