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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 30, 2014

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Which Technologies Add The Most Value To Small Businesses?

Which Technologies Add The Most Value To Small Businesses?

The ways in which small businesses use technology can be central to their success, right from business start-up to operations over a period of months and years.

One self-inflicted problem that small businesses tend to encounter is a lack of spending on technology, be this through a lack of funds or understanding, which ultimately holds them back from seeing the very best gains in efficiency and profitability, for example.

We looked at the technology that small businesses should use most readily in order to fuel growth and be as successful as possible.

POS Platforms

While point of sale (POS) is something limited to use by retailers and perhaps other sales businesses, the potential that it brings is such that it would be wrong not to look at it here.

Going for a platform that can be used on a mobile basis is the key, as you are then not limited to selling in one location, which is what happens if you commit a large sum of money to a software firm to install a system in your shop.

Look for as many ‘bells and whistles’ as possible so that you have analysis of your business, knowledge of best sellers, profitability, and everything else that you need to know to make your operation better.

Social Media Software

Many large businesses are increasingly dedicating more of their marketing resources to social media, and there is no reason why smaller ones shouldn’t do the same.

We don’t want you sitting in front of a computer all day updating your Twitter feed yourself, however, so that means investing in social media software. A service such as Hootsuite is not expensive, and will help you reach your audience when you need to, helping you to grow in the background while you concentrate on selling and product development.

Mobile Devices

Yes, we mentioned these in terms of POS, but there is far more to a mobile device that just selling. Downloading the best apps that will help you to manage your business means that you can have all of the information you need at your fingertips while tasks happen in the background.

Apps that will help you to succeed include customer relationship management platforms, that can be synchronized with your calendar to tell you when calls need to be made or a regular order needs to be fulfilled. Financial applications will enable you to gather your numbers together quickly and easily without the use of an accountant, saving you time as well as money.

Website Hosting

One of the most powerful tools in the whole business world is a website, especially if generating sales online is a key component of your overall strategy. Being successful online can depend hugely on the power of your server, especially if you are using your site to sell products or to encourage customers to submit enquiries so that you can call them back.

When it comes to technology for your business, you might feel that you cannot afford to invest in certain products, but when looking at it closely, you will soon realize that you cannot afford not to. Discover the products that will add real value to your business for the long-term, and you will soon be sitting back and enjoying the benefits.

Robert Rayford is an online content writer passionate about small business and technology, specifically how software and platforms such as POS can be developed to be tailored more towards small businesses to a greater extent.

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