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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 22, 2014

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Top 6 Most Efficient Accounting Software For Your Business

Top 6 Most Efficient Accounting Software For Your Business

If you have a small or a medium business enterprise, then you certainly know that accounting plays a pivotal role when talking about the success of your business. As technologies have evolved, so did software and applications – here you will find 6 of the most popular and efficient programs at the moment that will help you keep track of your finances:

1. Agrimaster

Agrimaster is great for farmers, as it comes with a wealth of features that allows them to have full control over their finances: from grain calculator and single entry cashbook to tax compliance and budgeting tool, Agrimaster has them all! The most important thing is that this agricultural software is especially designed by other farmers, who are well familiar with the financial issues other farmers encounter. This farm management software has a user-friendly interface, it is very easy to use and can create very accurate budgets.

2. Quickbooks Pro

Quickbooks Pro is another accounting software that is especially designed for small and medium businesses. For $219, Quickbooks Pro allows you, the business owner to track your income, your expenses and your sales for better finance management. In addition to this, this accounting software also allows you to manage payroll taxes, to pay bills, to print checks and even to create professional forms in a fast, efficient and timely fashion!

3. Sage 50

This is a slightly more complex software compared to the other two, as it comes with other features like invoicing, online bill paying, inventory management or cash-flow monitoring.
In addition to this, Sage also allows the user to create all sorts of shortcuts with only a click – these shortcuts will grant them access to important business information, as they gather all your business data in one place only!

4. Bookkeeper

Bookkeeper is another efficient yet slightly less complex accounting software that allows you to manage all the business accounting task quickly and effortlessly. You can also write and print checks in a matter of minutes, and you can manage the payroll and calculate the earnings on a daily basis. You can make your business blossom with Bookkeeper, as it accepts credit cards, checks, ATM cards and others. Besides, the best thing is that it comes with an affordable price tag as well – only $39.99

5. AccountEdge Pro

For $299, AccountEdge Pro allows you to manage your inventory, time billing, payroll and banking in a fast and efficient way. It grants you full access to your payroll and credit cards and you can access your business information at any time!

6. QuickBooks Premier Edition

Quickbooks Pro, then you will certainly be fond of the QuickBooks Premier Edition as well, as it involves all the features of the first one plus several additional tools, including forecasting tools and an Inventory Center Feature that gathers all your inventory data in one place, for easier and faster management!

To sum it up, these are the top 6 most efficient accounting software for 2013. Some of them are very affordable while others have an expensive price tag, but one thing is for sure: they all come in handy for every small business owner!

Domenic is a passionate business blogger and works for a supplier of farming softwares solutions.

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