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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 21, 2014

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The 5 Best Keyboards For Your Android Phone

The 5 Best Keyboards For Your Android Phone

Virtual keyboards on Android Internet phones are fast developing with newer enhancements and innovations. In fact, it really is amazing how keyboards developed from the alphanumeric keypads on basic phones, to QWERTY keypads, and now touch screen keypads where you can swipe, press, connect and use dictionary predictions to compose messages.  Depending on your personal preference, here are a few Android phone keyboards that have something in store for every taste.

1. Hacker Keyboards

With Hacker Keyboards, you have every key you get on computers from shift keys, enter keys to alt and control keys in addition to the numbers and alphabet keys available. When you use smart phones on a constant basis to sync with laptops and notebooks, these keyboards are great aids. They have a touch screen interface where you will have to press keys you want to use.

2. Swipe keys

Swipe keyboards are a set of keys arranged in the QWERTY format, where you’d have to draw connects to various alphabets and form words. What’s more, these keyboards have fun personalization options and you can change letter positions to create your own keyboards. They lack prediction and auto correct and you would have to type complete words and sentences onto them, making them a tough partner to collaborate with, when there are other options around. However, with Android promising you updates in the future, the Swipe keyboards hold a lot of promise.

3. Android Stock keyboard

Most people are content with Android providing its trademark stock keyboard without the bells and whistles. The stock keyboard is compatible with all Android versions from Gingerbread to Jelly Bean, and gives you a fascinating user experience to do with. There are QWERTY keys and a few personalization options and nothing more. There is a basic level dictionary that can be turned on and off, depending on whether you want to use word prediction or not.

4. Swift Key

The first really ‘smart’ keyboards that Android introduced to its users, Swift Key is a keyboard that uses predictive text in a way that few others do. Your words, sentences, message tones, and contacts are carefully optimized by the software. The information is then used to carefully predict favorable words and phrases you use in your messages. In fact, regular Swift Key users say they no longer type text messages since the software does the entire typing for them after it ‘knows’ what you have to say. Isn’t this absolutely wonderful?

5. Smart Keyboard Pro

One of the first smart keyboards by Android, Smart Keyboard Pro offers you a touch screen QWERTY interface, where there are T9 dictionary options and text aids to help you draft complete messages with ease. Not many use the smart keyboard pro today, but those who do swear by it since it allows for fast typing and messaging that few other keyboards do.

Each keyboard innovation that Android comes up with is different and has its own special features. It depends entirely on how well you feel at ease while using one that fits your needs best.

Phil Turner has an Internet phone and finds it next to impossible to type on.

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