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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 1, 2014

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Technology Uses/Applications Of Rack Power Solutions

Technology Uses/Applications Of Rack Power Solutions

There are many varied power solutions that are presently available to a wide range of different industries, health services and data storage facilities. Which power solution is appropriate depends on the nature of the particular user but one type of power solution, that which involves the rack power unit, is now used in several different other applications, including, most notably, the field of windows-based computer communication.

In this short article we will look at some of the applications and technological uses of rack power solutions, after firstly describing what a rack power unit is made up of.

Rack Power technology seen close-up.

Rack Power Explained

A rack power distribution unit is a hardware power device that is intended to distribute electrical power within a rack. Rack-based power units work by distributing incoming electrical power to multiple individual power outlets within the specified system which is being provided with electrical power.

A major benefit of rack power is that it is compact because it does not involve the use of several power sources and therefore does not involve complex wiring.

Another of the advantages of this type of power distribution system is that it is possible to “hot-swap” one of the units. This means that a unit can be removed from the system without either the need to turn off the power or any corresponding reduction in power.

Some power rack units also come with built-in monitoring, permitting the control and monitoring of multiple supplies.

Technology Uses/Applications of Rack Power Solutions

As mentioned above, rack power solutions are used in providing the chosen power sourcing for several kinds of applications. We set out below three of the fields within which they are most commonly found.

Information Technology

In the field of computer technology, the main application of rack power distribution is to distribute, to the computers and networking equipment located within a data center, the electrical power within a rack. These IT rack solutions support information technology and  networking equipment in computing centers and incorporate rack enclosures that provide cooling to precise levels, uninterruptible power, rack power distribution units and wiring management. They are, for these reasons, widely used in computer communication software and data centers.


Another area in which rack power distribution is utilized extensively is in the world of telecommunications, where integration friendly, high power density and low noise solutions are available. These units, which can operate on smart power incorporating digital communication, operate to a high level of efficiency and can be integrated into a system at a relatively low cost. The power racks can provide all the required conversion and storage from the public mains input.

A Rack Power Solution

Audio and Video

In the realm of audio and video distribution, the power rack solution also does away with the need for multiple power supplies, and offers a centralized power distribution option, saving a significant amount of space.

The rack power unit can also be helpful in preventing the degradation in the quality of sound and/or picture output by providing as consistent a power supply as possible.

For this reason, the power rack is used widely in different sectors of the entertainment industry.


The distribution of power through a rack power solution is one of the most efficient, reliable and secure means of ensuring a continuous, uninterrupted power source in industries where these are equally important to ensure the proper operation of the equipment that is being powered.

Their versatility, in providing power without the need for multiple separate supplies, also allows for the saving of space and a reduction in wiring needs. It is hardly surprising that the power rack solution continues to be an important component in the world of power distribution.

Written by Nathan Griffiths who recommends checking out for any power supply needs.

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