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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 20, 2014

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Sabre's Video Conferencing Platform Release

Sabre’s Video Conferencing Platform Release

Communication in the business world is rapidly changing. As technology continues to advance, businesses are opting to integrate these advances into everyday business dealings. Companies are utilizing tools such as video conferencing to close the gap in distance between corporate headquarters, remote offices and telecommuting workers. It is clear that global communications through video conferencing is a great leap forward for the business world.

In response to the pressing need for more advanced services, Sabre, a leader in global technology has released the world’s first high definition video conferencing platform. Now companies can easily communicate in real time using high-definition video virtual conference meetings. Video conferencing has been somewhat unreliable in the past, and many companies have been afraid to take the plunge and use video conferencing services over concerns with quality and lag time. Those concerns are now a thing of the past with Sabre’s Video Conferencing platform.

Sabre is releasing its virtual meeting platform to businesses through GetThere and Sabre Red Workspace. The technology is being made available to millions of business users worldwide. As budget-minded corporations continue to attempt to streamline their budgets, while improving collaboration between departments and employees, video conferencing is becoming more appealing as the service allows businesses to eliminate unnecessary travel costs.

Previously, the primary challenges that corporations faced was the difficulties personnel went through to locate, schedule, and connect various types of virtual meeting systems. To address this, Sabre has released Sabre Virtual Meetings to enable businesses to easily set up private video conference meetings, semi-private meetings, and public meetings.

Sabre Virtual Meetings has the ability to connect to multiple video conferencing providers. Sabre’s service can enable providers to facilitate live shopping, scheduling, and confirmation simultaneously across multiple services. The solution is set to be available to third-party distributors, global distribution channels, and via the Internet.

Sabre plans to offer current corporate customers access to their virtual meeting services directly from the GetThere website. Corporations who wish to move up to HD visual communications services can take advantage of Sabre’s offerings to improve the typically tedious process of scheduling virtual meetings.  The service complements already existing room scheduling applications and its built-in security protocols include controls over who is viewing, shopping, or scheduling meetings.

According to Joseph Laezza, CEO for Glowpoint, Sabre’s video conferencing scheduling platform will be a game changer for the video conferencing industry. It will allow more employees to utilize this technology and inevitably improve the ROI through reporting features which allow more accurate monitoring of cost savings, room use, and policy compliance. There is no question that Sabre’s recent innovation is going to change the face of video conferencing technology for businesses and corporations worldwide.

Although Sabre’s recent innovations were primarily developed to serve its travel interests, viable applications of Sabre’s technology do exist in other industries. Since the travel industry is widely dispersed, it was only natural for Sabre to delve into high definition video conferencing.

Sabre Travel Network is a major provider of technology to many corporations and businesses in the travel industry. The organization operates the largest travel marketplace in the world and regularly connects travel buyers with sellers through their global distribution system. Sabre’s technology currently connects over 350,000 travel agents to airlines, hotels, car rentals, railway providers, cruise lines, and other types of travel suppliers.

About the Author: Thomas reports on all things video or web conferencing. In his free time, he’s usually out buying the latest Apple product.

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