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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 21, 2014

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Five Largest Data Centers In The United States

Five Largest Data Centers In The United States

Data centers are the central nerve center of a facility, and are physical locations used to to hold computer systems, which are used to store, organize and distribute data for a wide range of functions efficiently. Some are quite small, while others stand out as mega facilities that use a huge amount of power to run.  We’ve listed the top five largest data centers in the United States and what they are currently being used for.

5. Phoenix One – Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix One is a 538,000 square foot facility that is home to IO’s corporate headquarters as well as their data center. It is unique from most data centers in that it is one of the most environmentally friendly and cost efficient data centers in the world. The facility carries a large number of rooftop solar panels, which help power the data center during the daytime under the hot Arizona sun, LED lighting along the flooring, highly efficient chillers, and many other environmentally friendly and energy saving features.

4. Microsoft Chicago Data Center – Chicago, IL

The Microsoft Chicago Data Center in Northlake, IL is unique from other data centers on the list in that all of their servers are stored in large shipping style compartments. Microsoft believes these containers are energy efficient, and that they save them money in the long run. Look to hear about this facility soon in the news, as Microsoft plans to utilize this location for future services they plan to roll out, including Microsoft’s “Live” online services.

3. NAP of the America’s – Miami, FL

In third place comes the NAP of the America’s building, with 750,000 square feet of space in six stories, and located in Miami, Florida. Construction was completed in 2001, which was an unfortunate time for the tech building, as the dot com bubble had just busted. The building survived the economic downturn, and today controls a large portion of the global domain name system as well as the United States military. It is also a key player in digitally connecting the United States with the Latin America world.

2. QTS Metro Data Center – Atlanta, GA

The QTS Metro Data Center in Atlanta is a nearly 1 million square foot facility, and was bought in 2000 by MetroNexus and CoreLocation. The building was built by Sears in the 1950’s and was used as one of their distribution centers. Today, the center is used primarily for telecom, and the center continues to grow to accommodate other uses.

1. Lakeside Technology Center – Chicago, IL

What looks to be an old brick building in Chicago’s South Loop is one of the most important pieces of Chicago’s economy. This mega 1.1 million square foot facility, which is currently owned by Digital Realty Trust, was originally used to print product catalogs for Sears, and all of the editions of the Yellow Book. It has since been turned into the data storage center for the commodity markets for the Chicago Stock Exchanges, as well as a secure data storage location for large Chicago businesses. 100 megawatts of power are required to keep the Lakeside Technology Center humming, which places it just behind Chicago’s O’Hare Airport for power consumption in all of the greater Chicago area.

Mike Hall is an Internet marketing specialist and writer for all things technology related. To learn more about data centers and their purposes, including data recovery, visit Data Recovery Group.

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