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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 6, 2016

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Enfocus Switch 11 Update #4

Enfocus Switch 11 Update #4

New features:

 Web Services Module

The sample that is delivered with the Web Services Module has been reorganized and improved to make it easier for integrators and users to re-use the sample code for their own purposes.

  • Documentation includes a Step-by-step installation guide for Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Easier to (re-)use file-structure.
  • Editable settings file to customize the sample.

 Archive Hierarchy

The Archive hierarchy tool now allows an outgoing connection. This means that you can first archive your files and only afterwards email a notification to internal operators, CRM’s, etc. Or you can make sure the files are stored in the internal Archive before uploading them to an FTP Server and making them available for externals.

The outgoing connection is a traffic-light connection, which means that you can fail files that were not properly stored in the archive and possibly automatically inform the administrator or IT person about this problem.

Execute Command Tool

The “Execute command” tool has a new property called “Execution mode” which can be set to “Concurrent”. By selecting this option, it is possible to process jobs simultaneously through multiple instances of the Execute Command tool when the same application is selected. Off course this application needs to support concurrent processing. The default remains “Serialized” which is the same behavior as in previous versions.

Note: the number of concurrent processes is limited by the preference “Concurrent Processing tasks” on the Processing tab.

Calculate Variables

A new Switch variable “Calculation” is available in the Switch variables group. The feature allows you to use variables (that are by default treated as text in this panel) to do calculations.

The following example returns the page size (width x height) in mm with a rounding after calculation of 1 decimal. It is also possible to manually enter this syntax while selecting other variables, meaning that you can do calculations on variables that result in a number anywhere in Switch    where you have access to the variables pane.

Crash Reporter

If a crash is caused in Switch, the new crash reporter will allow you to send a detailed crash report to Enfocus automatically. Please add your email address and description of what you were doing (including OS and version information) to the appropriate field so that we can continuously improve our software.

Switch Configurator SDK / Switch Scripter

The Switch Configurator SDK /Switch Scripter now allows developers to write their own upgrade scripts, This is especially important when you are developing a new Configurator which replaces an existing one and you want to automatically upgrade the flows using your configurator.

More information will be available with in the documentation of the next Beta. For now please contact if you want to incorporate this feature in your configurators.

Updated Configurators

PitStop Server

  • Support for the newly released PitStop Server 11 update 2.
  • Support for the new report type “Scaled Low Resolution Annotated Report”.
  • Support for a new report language: Polish.

Woodwing Enterprise

  • Support for Woodwing Enterprise 8.
  • The new option “Current” when selecting an “issue” allows you to dynamically select the issue that is set as the current issue in Woodwing Enterprise. This option was added to both the Upload and Download configurator.
  • You can now set the status to “next” which replaces the option “default”. This change was implemented to fit better in the terminology used in Woodwing.
  • Support for Dossiers and Child objects (children and grand-children) was added to the Woodwing Enterprise Download configurator. When downloading Child objects, you can choose to include the parent or not.
  • Added the possibility to upload to multiple editions and download from multiple editions.

Ultimate Impostrip OnDemand

  • A new configurator supporting the Automation version of ImpoStrip OnDemand and includes the variable selection from the imposition preset library.

Stuffit Deluxe

  • Support for Stuffit Deluxe 15

HP Digital Front End JDF Control Configurator

  • HP has enhanced its HP Digital Front End JDF Control configurator (now version 1.5) to allow users to drive all JDF settings through variables or script expressions for better automation of workflows.
  • Added additional JDF capabilities such as multiple substrate selections, banner and divider sheet selection; retain time, jogging and the ability to drive PPML assets with external assets in a ZIP package.
  • Defaults have been set in the configurator to make initial setup of workflows easier.
  • Additional tooltip information describes the possible values for each feature to make automation clearer.
  • Files will be send to the problem jobs folder when the Asset File location can’t be found.

Elpical Premedia Server Configurator

This new version of the congfigurater now enables you to run the Claro Server on another server than Switch. You can configure this through the following settings:

  • Claro Preferences path : if Claro is detected on the same server, this path points to the local ClaroPreferences.xml, otherwise the full network path of the ClaroPreferences.xml on the remote Claro server must be entered.
  • Folder for return jobfiles : If Claro runs on another server, the jobs are returned in a shared folder.

Axaio MadeToPrint InDesign, InDesign Server and Illustrator

The configurator changed to ensure that the jobs stay in the process queue until they are finished and to give the user a better overview and progress bar.

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