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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 21, 2014

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Bill Gates, Chief Architect Of Software Revolution

Bill Gates, Chief Architect Of Software Revolution

Bill Gates is a software programmer, entrepreneur and most recently a philanthropist whom the world knows as the co-founder of Microsoft. This company mostly single-handedly brought about the personal computer revolution.

Synopsis Of Life And Career

Born and raised in an educated and affluent family, Bill Gates attended school in Seattle. His tryst with software and computers began with his school acquiring one of the earlier models of a computer for its students. He took a keen interest in programming and worked out ways to spend more time on the machine. He even wrote a computer program for “tic-tac-toe” and soon got noticed and in turn some extra computer time. During the course of time he mastered other machine languages and at the age of 17 started a venture with his friend to work out software to manage traffic counters.

It was but natural for this bright student to go into one of the prestigious colleges, which he did. He enrolled in Harvard College only to drop out in sophomore year. Even in this short duration in college, he is famous for writing some programs and algorithms that were the best in his times. His fancy for all things related to computers distracted him from the college course, which he eventually ditched to begin a career. His parents understood his passion for the subject and felt he would be able to do well for himself. He co-founded Microsoft with his friend Paul Allen. The beginning years of the company saw every employee pitching in with various business operations and the big break came with the launch of Windows in 1985.

The company grew leaps and bounds under his stewardship and his management style has been well documented with anecdotes from staff. He is known to be a highly aggressive person with the will to constantly win and always thought of his company first before anything else. In spite of moving on to a more management oriented role, he did take keen interest in software development up until he stepped down from day to day running of Microsoft to concentrate on his several philanthropic interests.

Life Beyond Microsoft

As one of the richest individuals on earth, Bill Gates moved on to concentrate on philanthropic projects with the active support of his wife. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have interests in various organizations around the world and they have changed the way charitable organizations need to work. Managed more or less like a corporate set up, he personally oversees the interests of the foundation in different parts of the world. It is credited to be one of the most transparent charitable foundations in the world with the sole aim to fulfill social responsibility. He along with other entrepreneurs have pledged to give away half of their earnings to society and this he is doing with true conviction.

Known for his casual attitude, he is an astute learner and is a recipient of several awards for his achievements in life. He is ranked among the top five most powerful people in the world and uses his position to bring about changes to many peoples lives. He is the top people with impact person of the century.

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