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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 29, 2014

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Big Data Hopes To Improve Road Safety

Big Data Hopes To Improve Road Safety

The map analyses large datasets of information to derive useful information and patterns that can be found hidden within the data. It collates data from the UK Government and volunteers to plot details of road accidents which have taken place across UK. It features data from the Government’s 2011 road accident dataset. In addition, people involved in any road accident may click on the “add your accident” option, to add details of road accidents in which they have been involved. The project is on-going, and Osborne plans to add more data on a continuous basis.

Those viewing the map can see icons denoting the location of accidents. Clicking on the icons provide details of the accident, including the people involved, the circumstances, and the underlying causes. Entering the postcode, or simply clicking on an area, allows zooming into that area for an extra-detailed representation.

The illustrative and consolidated nature of the data makes comprehension and analysis very easy.

The Need for the Map

Britain has one of the best road safety records in the world, but still, the BBC reports that about 730,000 people die on UK roads every year because of car accidents. There is considerable scope to reduce road accident fatality rates, and the Osborne UK Road Accident Map, if used correctly, can contribute to safer driving and lowered car insurance premiums.

Promotes Road safety

The most apparent information that the UK Road Accident Map unearths are high accident zones, or hot spots where accidents repeatedly take place. By analyzing these accidents underlying causes can be revealed, for example, unclear sign-posting at a busy intersection.

By understanding the causes of traffic accidents, remediation becomes much more possible, allowing authorities responsible to take appropriate actions, such as installing speed breakers, traffic lights or zebra crossings.

Vehicle drivers can refer to the map and become aware of danger spots, and take extra precautions when driving through the area. Osborne in fact, plans to use the information to campaign for road and traffic improvements.

Lowering Insurance Premiums

Osborne’s UK Road Accident Map may be great for your car insurance.

Insurance is a business of probabilities with the premium depending largely on the probability of an accident occurring. Osborne’s UK Road Accident Map provides data that allows insurance companies to make informed estimates. The probability of future happenings can relate to reliable statistics rather than conjectures or guess work and potentially lower insurance rates.

The map highlights the discrepancy in the level of risk associated with each area. Residents and motorists in certain areas may experience a considerably higher risk of road accidents compared to motorists from other areas. Insurance companies may refer to the map to offer lower premiums to motorists, who, by their nature of work, or place of residence, would be less likely to drive through accident hotspots or high-risk areas.

Catherine Halsley writes on a broad range of topics from motoring safety to lifestyle ideas.

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