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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 20, 2014

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7 Internet Security Tips That People Constantly Overlook

7 Internet Security Tips That People Constantly Overlook

Every week new lists of Internet security tips are published as Internet security experts identify emerging threats and develop processes to minimize their effectiveness. With the laundry list of things someone can do to protect themselves, there are always a handful of Internet security tips which are consistently overlooked. Implementing these tips is incredibly beneficial.

PIN Protect Mobile Devices

A simple way to minimize the risk of a variety of Internet security threats is by PIN protecting or locking mobile devices. Some of the most dangerous Internet security threats actually begin off-line. It is common for criminals to steal mobile devices in order to later uncover personal information. Sometimes they will even steal a device, implant malware, and then return the device.

Install Anti-Theft App on Mobile Devices

Along the same lines as using PIN protection, adding an antitheft app to all mobile devices is beneficial as well. Antitheft apps provide a variety of Internet security benefits. It allows users to remotely locate their device when it is lost or stolen. It also allows them to remotely wipe the device to ensure criminals do not gain access to personal information.

Periodically Run PC Security Check

There are a variety of popular and effective Internet security tools available to protect all types of devices. One of the most popular  tools is antivirus software.  Unfortunately, antivirus software doesn’t catch everything. By periodically running a PC security check, users will be able to identify vulnerabilities and potential Internet security threats before the device is corrupted.

Encrypt Mobile Devices

While encrypting PCs is beneficial, it pales in comparison to the benefits of encrypting mobile devices. This includes smart phones, laptops, and USB drives. It is increasingly common for criminals to steal these devices in order to gain access to personal information. Even if there is an adequate layer of protection on the device, criminals can connect it to a PC in order to access it.  By encrypting the data on the device, simply accessing it from a PC will not give criminals the ability to access personal information.

Take Extra Steps to Secure Social Media Accounts

Securing all online accounts is important, but taking extra steps to secure social media accounts is particularly beneficial. A variety of Internet security threats are devised to take advantage of the vast amount of information many people share via social media. Any time someone uses a social media account special attention needs to be paid to the privacy settings as well as the passwords used. This will limit the amount of personal information freely available to the public as well as minimize the risk of the account becoming compromised.

Install a Two-Way Firewall

Most people have a firewall installed on their devices whether they know it or not. This is an effective way to identify multiple Internet security threats because it monitors traffic as it is passed to and from the device. Unfortunately, most firewalls are designed to only monitor incoming traffic.  Utilizing a two-way firewall will stop malicious malware from sending data from the user’s device to remote servers.

Double Check Wi-Fi Security at Home

The final Internet security tip most people ignore is double checking the security features of their Wi-Fi at home. With so much emphasis placed on Wi-Fi security in public places, it is easy to overlook the threats which are at home.

Trevor Bird writes articles about the research he does on internet protection. By using the tools Trevor mentions above, such as a secure VPN users can protect their privacy online. The VPN service provider Trevor recommends can be found at

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