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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 1, 2014

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6 Ways To Keep Your Private Details Out Of The Wrong Hands

6 Ways To Keep Your Private Details Out Of The Wrong Hands

Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was perfect and you didn’t need to worry about anything? That isn’t going to happen in your lifetime and it means you need to be extra vigilant. The trouble begins when you don’t know what to look out for. You would never walk into a rough neighborhood in the middle of the night because anything could happen, but what about the dangers that are not completely obvious. Identity theft is a perfect example of this.

Someone could steal your identity and cause you a great deal of hurt before you even know what has happened. The only way you can stay safe is by keeping your private details out of the hands of someone who will use them to ruin your life. If you don’t know anyone who has experienced identity theft before it might not be something you even think about, but from now on you must make sure your details can’t fall into the wrong hands? Do you want to know some of the ways you can stop it from happening?

Be careful what you say

When you speak on the phone with someone you should never give out private information. It doesn’t even matter if the person you’re speaking to is from the bank. They might say they work for the bank, but you have no idea if it’s true. They could just as easily be a scam artist trying to get the details they need in order to steal every last cent you have.

No more mail

These days it’s possible to do most things online and that means you won’t have to risk someone stealing your mail. It also saves you from spending hours at the shredder each week. Tell your bank you want to do everything online and you can do the same for most of your utility bills. You might still get a few pieces of mail sent to your home and you should get rid of them properly which means shredding them before they get thrown out.

Secure computer

If you are entering any passwords or accessing sensitive information online it’s essential that you only do it from your own computer. You have no idea what some people are capable of and if they have keylogging software installed on their system you are giving them access to everything. That means your passwords are no longer going to protect you and someone can get into all of your accounts.

Clean out your wallet

You should check your wallet on a regular basis because you might find things you didn’t even know where there. Old credit cards should be cancelled then chopped up into tiny pieces. Receipts should be torn up if you don’t need them anymore. Don’t carry anything in your wallet that has your social security number on it because you might lose your wallet.

Use proper passwords

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a new password? I hope it’s not your first pet’s name or the town in which you were born. You should be thinking of passwords that are so complicated it would take someone a hundred years to figure them out. You just need someone to break into one of your online accounts and they could find a lot of private details.

Scam emails

Everyone always ends up with weird emails from people they don’t even know. Most of these emails will contain links that you must not click on. Once you do it could unleash a virus that causes havoc. You must also check very carefully when you get emails from respectable companies because if you look closely at the email address it might not even be from them.

James Kirby, the author of this post, works for a leading remote monitoring software provider. He is a blogger and he likes to keep updated with the latest in technology. You can visit here to know more about his work.

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