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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 22, 2014

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5 Things To Consider When Choosing An Online Photo Storage Solution

5 Things To Consider When Choosing An Online Photo Storage Solution

As new features are introduced, it is becoming more difficult to identify what factors should be considered when choosing an online photo storage solution.  Depending upon a person means there are a variety of potential online photo storage solutions which will be satisfactory.  The key to getting the greatest value is identifying specific needs and finding an online photo storage solution which consistently exceeds them.

Commonly Used File Formats

The first thing to consider is the file formats used most often.  JPEG is the most popular photo format because they are small and easy to transfer to and from an online photo storage account.  Unfortunately, this file type can often degrade in quality as it is continually compressed and decompressed during file transfers.  On the other hand, many cameras utilize the TIFF format.  This is the preferred format of many people because it supports layering and annotations.  This maximizes photo enhancement opportunities.  Unfortunately, they are significantly larger than JPEG photos.  Depending upon the type of file format used the amount of required online photo storage space will vary.

Data Transfer Speed

Another issue to consider is data transfer speed.  As long as a quality online photo storage solution is chosen, bandwidth on the provider’s side won’t be an issue.  The user’s side is a different story.  Quality online photo storage solutions utilize encrypted data stream to create a secure data transfer.  Depending upon the level of encryption a significant amount of bandwidth may be required to transfer a large quantity of images simultaneously.

Overall Reliability

As with all online photo storage solutions, overall reliability must always be taken into consideration.  If the provider is not reliable, then it is impossible to predict when and if users will gain access to their accounts.  Poor reliability also eliminates the benefits of auto syncing because users will have to manually check to ensure the syncing took place.

Easy to Organize

No one likes wasting time organizing their images in their online photo storage account.  A variety of different organization architectures have been introduced to the marketplace.  When selecting an online photo storage provider it is always a good idea to test out their organization architecture so that the user can make changes and organize their photos quickly.

Sharing is Easy and Secure

The final consideration is sharing.  It has become common for online photo storage providers to allow their users to share the images being stored.  What differentiates providers is how easy and secure the sharing processes.  Quality online photo storage solutions make sharing images as simple as possible.  At the same time, they utilize a variety of techniques to ensure the photo can only be seen by the user’s intended audience.

As more competition enters the marketplace it will continue to become more difficult to identify the best online photo storage providers.  The only way a user can make a smart decision is by identifying their own needs and selecting an online photo solution storage which can meet or exceeding expectations on a consistent basis.

Caroline Becker uses online storage for her data, files, photos and more. She has done vigorous research on the different ways to store her files. She informs her readers how to best choose a provider for their needs. Caroline suggests the following for online storage:

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