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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 23, 2014

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12 Must-Have Tech Gadgets For 2013

12 Must-Have Tech Gadgets For 2013

With all of the advances in gadgets in 2012, there were still some items that did not quite make the New Year’s deadline. From mobile phones to game consoles, 2013 is slated to be a great year for technology enthusiasts. These 12 must have gadgets are sure to cause a commotion as they release throughout the year.

12. BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry was once a leader in smartphones. Sadly, as iOS and Android phones have pushed the envelope of smartphone capabilities, RIM has struggled to keep up. Initially slated for a 2012 release, the BlackBerry 10 could be the last chance for RIM to stay in touch with the highly competitive market.

11. Ubuntu for Android

While Android is touted by many as one of the most flexible and customizable mobile OSes around, it still does not quite provide a full computing experience. Ubuntu for Android hopes to span this productivity gap by improving the interface and introducing a new level of smartphone integration between mobile devices and traditional laptops and computers.

10. Microsoft Surface Pro

The launch of Windows 8 and the Surface RT did not quite go how Microsoft planned. However, the more powerful and full-featured Surface Pro is still on the horizon. The release of the Pro should greatly improve the functionality of the Surface and really give everyone a glimpse of what Windows 8’s new Metro interface is capable of.

9. iPad 5

Though details are sparse at best, rumors that Apple is busy fleshing out the newest iPad are everywhere. Hoping to keep the Surface out of the tablet market, the iPad 5 is expected to integrate the same weight and size saving display technologies as the iPad Mini while offering improved processing power, responsiveness and a larger screen.

8. Ouya

Started on Kickstarter, the Ouya has gaming enthusiasts chomping at the bit for a quick release. With an embedded development kit, easy connectivity and plenty of performance, the Ouya could blow the doors off the indie gaming market. With its affordable pricing and flexible configuration, the Ouya could easily become a contender in console gaming and change the way that console development looks at the next generation of hardware.

7. Samsung’s New TV Technology

Though little is known about this new technology, Samsung is promising the change the way that the world looks at televisions at CES 2013. Rumors speculate that Samsung could be announcing their previously demonstrated transparent television technology. Whatever this turns out to be, the few images and videos released by Samsung at this point have the television world clamoring for more.

6. Vuzix Smart Glasses

Augmented reality apps and hardware have been available for some time. However, they simply have not become portable and dependable enough for mainstream use. Vuzix is looking to change this in 2013. With a slim, visor-like design and Bluetooth connectivity, you could be checking your email and watching movies on a heads-up display before the end of year.

5. Playstation 4

The console wars have heated up to a fever pitch. With the Xbox 720 preparing for release, Sony is expected to start dropping details about the latest entry in the Playstation series. Though details are scarce, the next generation of gaming consoles are likely to integrate mobile technologies, Internet connectivity and motion-detection in ways that current consoles simply are not capable of.

4. Xbox 720

The chipset is in production and developers already have their development kits. This makes a 2013 launch for the Xbox 720 very likely. With a rumored price point below the existing Xbox 360, Microsoft is looking to increase accessibility to the newest console and dominate this latest round of console wars from the moment it starts.

3. Fujitsu Lifebook

Though only in its concept stages, the Fujitsu Lifebook has tech aficionados drooling. The device combines a net book, smartphone and tablet into one device to truly eliminate the boundaries currently in place between mobile devices.

2. Amazon Phone

With the release of the Kindle Fire, Amazon shaped the tablet market for a large portion of 2012. Amazon hopes that a smartphone release in 2013 will help to secure their hold on the mobile market and offer affordable, Amazon-driven smartphone devices by the end of the year.

1. Samsung Galaxy Skin

Samsung’s OLED technology could change the way that users look at smartphones forever. By making the devices flexible and lightweight, the durability and ease of use of mobile devices will be greater than ever before. Should the technology launch successfully, it could change display technologies forever.

Steven Taylor has been writing about technology and small business solutions for nearly a decade. You can also find Steven reviewing internet and phone services for businesses.

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