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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 5, 2016

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Self-Driving Cars: 3 Amazing Examples

Self-Driving Cars: 3 Amazing Examples

For as long as many of us can recall, the idea of a self-driving car has been touted as the next probable leap for driving. Even though it has been on the cusp for a long time, it seems that now we are actually getting places and the auto driving car is becoming a reality.

Google’s recent foray into the world of self-driving has gone to prove that though costly and time consuming to create; the self-driving car is a reality and something that could exist. We’re all aware that with time technology comes down, making such things a reality. So, let’s take a look at the options out there.


This little self-driving single seat car has been created by Hitachi and effortlessly drives the user from one point to another with merely the coordinates. The car uses FPS to navigate and a 3D laser sensor to ensure that tit doesn’t run into the car in front. The car also has a gyro sensor that allows it to keep its balance when driving on rougher terrain. However, on the downside the car does only travel at 4mph, however if you do feel in danger, you can manually over ride via the joystick device.

Google Self Driving Car

Google’s self-driving car is currently the most renowned of all the automatic driving cars in the world and certainly has impressed on trials. The car uses a range of gadgetry and high tech GPS systems to navigate and also crunch all the data required. It’s essentially a car programmed by boffins, but that said it has managed to drive thousands of miles of road unscathed, making it a very interesting concept that may likely become viable in the future. The next time you go looking for car leasing deals it may just be an option for your business.

Oxford University’s Attempt

The scientists at Oxford University recently created their own self driving car, which is capable of coping with a myriad of driving conditions. The boffins at the prestigious university also have even spoken of how the device could be added to every day cars for around £100. The car has been tested on the UK’s roads, with a driver behind the wheel and uses laser technology to guide it. It has been tested at up to 40mph and cost around £5000 to make the system. It also doesn’t require a permanent connection to the Internet and downloads directions and then uses the download as a guide. It certainly showcases that there are a number of ways to solve a problem and some a lot less costly than you would imagine.

Self-driving cars may be the next step and looking at these three options we could see them on the road in the next decade or so.

Cormac Reynolds is a car writer and also has a love of technology and is exciting about such a prospect.


  1. Smith

    10% of all new cars in 2035 will be self driving

    • Only 10%? One would hope that by 2035 they would have developed jetpack or teleportation technology.

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