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SoftwareMedia Blog | August 20, 2014

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New Cloud Computing Policy For US Navy

New Cloud Computing Policy For US Navy

The United States Navy has revealed plans to start using the services of cloud computing providers for all of its mission functions and low-impact IT systems. A memo released earlier this month by the Department of the Navy (DON) Chief Information Officer provides details on the USN’s approach to cloud computing technology, which is fast becoming the infrastructure of choice for businesses around the globe.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

By storing and accessing data over the Internet rather than a hard drive, companies are enjoying a smoother operational process thanks to cloud computing. It’s hoped that the USN, like so many organizations before them, will experience the following advantages of cloud-based solutions:

• Higher levels of efficiency
• Lower operational costs
• Network access on demand
• Safe, convenient data storage
• Minimal administration, management and maintenance

First Steps

The initial step towards a fully cloud-based system will be to migrate all the systems containing information that may be publicly released to commercial cloud service providers (CSPs).

This latest move comes hot on the heels of a recent project between the Navy’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Amazon Web Services, which saw the migration of publicly accessible data into a commercial hosting environment. After observing the hosting costs and security standards involved in this pilot project, the CIO has given the move to commercial CSPs the green light, provided no other, more cost-effective solution can be found beforehand.

Security Standards

Naturally, all providers will be carefully vetted to ensure they offer value and stability, and meet the USN’s established security requirements.

Future Decisions

According to the online press release regarding the memo, any later decisions on how to use cloud technology will be made based on “the experience the DON gains through initial application… in conjunction with security requirements”. If the stringent security measures are met to the DON’s satisfaction, this move could certainly put paid to the school of thought stating that cloud computing is for startups and SMEs, rather than for large, established organizations.

With such a widely recognized institution embracing cloud computing, we’re sure to see a precedent set for other major players to adopt a cloud-based infrastructure as well. The coming months will certainly be an exciting time for those in the cloud computing industry. I for one will be watching the upcoming developments with interest.

Nicky Warner is a tech-savvy blogger based in London, who loves the flexibility of using VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) to access her data from anywhere, anytime. She’s intrigued by this latest cloud computing news from across the pond and is eager to see what happens next.

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