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SoftwareMedia Blog | July 22, 2014

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Keeping An Eye Out For Bargain Gadgets

Keeping An Eye Out For Bargain Gadgets

Consumers on a budget are faced with a multitude of online options for finding the latest and greatest gadgets. When it comes to replacing your outdated PC with a high-powered MacBook or finding the perfect iPod for your child’s graduation gift, where should you start your search for affordable tech appliances and gadgets?

Second-Hand Electronics

My first Nintendo gaming console came to me second-hand when I was eight years old. It was a gift from the Easter bunny, so my young mind was challenged to understand the tiny exterior scratch marks on the device, however, it suited my entertainment needs for many years. While it’s not highly recommended to pass off second-hand devices as gifts, the affordability of slightly-used gadgets make them ideal purchases for personal use.

Some websites offer exchanges, where you can sell your out-dated model for cash or just exchange it for a discount on a new one. Also, check out programs like Best Buy Trade-In, Amazon Trade-In, Gazelle, and eBay Instant Sale. Not only are these types of exchanges economically advantageous, they also help to reduce your carbon footprint by allowing for the recycling/reuse of your unwanted gadgets (which can be otherwise quite tedious)!

Second-hand electronics are also available on Ebay and (primarily for gaming systems). Of course, it is advisable to thoroughly research the products to determine to what extent they have been refurbished, what kind of manufacturer’s warranties are available, and the return or exchange policy. Once you feel sufficiently knowledgeable about the seller and product, second-hand gadget shopping can be remarkably rewarding!

Bargain Hunting

Finding the best prices can be a simple matter of knowing where to look. Like aggregated air travel databases that find the best prices from multiple air carriers, RedLaser is an app capable of finding the merchants selling your desired gadget for the lowest price. Another popular price comparison site is NexTag, where you can browse different products and brands more easily.

Student Discounts

Not all on-line stores offer student discounts, but the ones that do can really make a difference in your pocketbook. Though Dell only recently expanded into the tablet market, students can save up to 30% on the latest technology and notebooks from their Dell University website. Even more exclusive offers are available to students via the Apple Store, where you can save up to $200 on the latest MacBook Air or Pro.

Coupons and Promo Codes

On-line coupons are becoming easier and easier to ‘clip’ using specialized smart phone apps that collect coupons and facilitate their use. One such prominent app, Passbook, which is available in the Apple Store, has recently expanded its integration with retailers. Get started by searching for coupons using your mobile application or searching for printable coupons using your PC.

Discount codes, which serve the same purpose as coupons at many on-line retail outlets, can be tricky to find, but are a great way to save on your upcoming gadget purposes. Start with basic coupon codes and do some research for a best buy promo code that fits your needs.

Buying gadgets, the latest tablet devices, or handheld electronics does not have to be expensive. Bargain hunters who know their tools and resources can easily find discounted rates. Reliable retailers offer refurbished, second-hand options, as well as various discounts, promotional codes, and coupons. Look in the right places, celebrate your bargain find, and enjoy your new gadget!

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer on topics related to tech, gadgets and frugality – if you have any questions about coupons or just want to say hello, feel free to get in touch with her via Twitter.

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