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SoftwareMedia Blog | May 1, 2016

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Ingram Micro Now Offering Electronic Service Delivery for Microsoft Office Products

Ingram Micro Now Offering Electronic Service Delivery for Microsoft Office Products

The world’s biggest wholesale technology distributor, Ingram Micro, announced today that they will be offering electronic service delivery for Microsoft Office products including Office 2013 and Windows 8 Pro Pack.

Ingram Micro recently released their new proprietary Digital Locker, which allows users to instantly download and deploy Microsoft software to end users. This helps keep valuable enterprise level software and consumer software alike organized, secure and always available.

As more popular brands move their software products to the cloud services like Ingram Micro’s Digital Locker will become increasingly valuable and essential to businesses and consumers. When you purchase software downloads all the necessary information (licensing numbers, software files, documentation etc) will be stored in your locker providing easy access whenever you need it.

In a press release published on April 23rd 2013 by Ingram Micro our own Todd Francis,’s General Manager, was asked to provide a retailer’s perspective, “Ingram Micro’s new ESD for Microsoft Office products is a great way for us to deliver even better, same-day customer service to our clients. In this new era of electronic software delivery, there’s no waiting for a box to ship, which saves us thousands of dollars in hard costs, and Ingram Micro’s Digital Locker makes it so easy for us and our customers to manage licenses. It’s great news all around.”

Jodi Honore, Ingram Micro’s Executive Director of Vendor Management, spoke about the Digital Locker, “Our new Digital Locker, combined with our dedicated team of experts, Licensing Desk and partner enablement resources, gives our North American partners a powerful way to sell more efficiently, build business growth and compete more effectively in the market.”

“Ingram Micro is the undisputed leader in the software licensing space because we’ve made simplifying success, executing to plan and delivering a distinct business advantage to our channel partners top priorities”

At SoftwareMedia we welcome these new changes in the software industry, which will aid us in providing our customers with the outstanding service they have come to expect from us. To read the full press release from Ingram Micro please click here.

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